New Renoise Team Member Wanted

Hi all,

The 1.5 release gets closer and closer. We are currently fixing the last issues
for the final release, prepare all the web stuff and what else needs to be done
for a new release.

As everyone of us (the current members of the team) is busy with either
developing, updating the manual or helping with the support, no-one of us can
care about writing the announcements, press releases and newsletters for
the upcoming release.
This is a important issue, so I`m here to ask if there is someone out there,
who loves and uses Renoise as we do, is willing to help us with all that has
to do with “texts” that go out to the public.

Your job would be:

  • writing press releases, newsletters, updating the web from time to time
    with news
  • help out with text translations and corrections in the software (only english)
  • spreading out the news in other music related forums, portals
  • wearing a Renoise t-shirt ; )

You should be:

  • willing to help Renoise
  • have time to do so (especially in the next few weeks)
  • speak perfectly english (preferably as your mother language)
  • have fun writing these kind of texts
  • are a Renoise user (know what you are talking about)

What you get from us:

  • you will work together with people spread all over the whole world,
    which are all a little bit strange but straight forward ; )
  • as Renoise is shareware we can give you some money for your efforts

If you think that you are the person I`m talking about, drop a mail to
taktik ED renoise DOD com (replacing, the …, well you know).


I would be happy to contribute. As English is my first language, I can say that I’m quite proficient in it :-)… I greatly enjoy writing (I’m actually double majoring in Humanities and Computer Science at a technical school :-P).

Just let me know what the next step would be. If you would like to email me, you can easily reach me here: robertbrozyna AT

Hope to hear from you soon!


EDIT - just noticed that you would like us to email you, which I’ll do now.

what about enojoying reading aswell? :rolleyes: :P :)

Just to avoid that someone misinterprets the topic:
“new team member wanter” doesn’t mean that we are /just now/ looking for people to join the renoise team. We just urgently need help on that specific topic now. Everyone who thinks that he can contribute stuff is welcome. Always. As a programmer, manual writer, gfx artist, whatever.

We are not a big company that hires people, but a set of people who contributes work on something that they like and want to see improved in future. Even that Renoise is shareware doesn’t mean that the goal is to get a lot of money out of the users. The project is more free-ware than some other softwares, being open for everyone at any time to join.

So if you want to see a linux port in future, want to develop some new d.s.p. effects, want to have the XM and IT import improved or whatever: Join the team and do it by yourself if you are able to do so.

The only thing that we do expect from you, is that as soon as you start doing something for Renoise, you should also finish it. If you do not have time for it, do not start it.

yeah yeah yeah… :D