New Renoise

The arranger wont be in in the 1.5 release. And no, we cannot give you any reelasedates.

I know that you all are very impatient, but we do what we can. We all are very busy with real life. Remeber that noone of us works full time on Renoise.

What we do now is finetuning and finishing what weve started for the 1.5 release. After thats done, well have a alpha release where still some features will be missing. What exactly, will be said then.

All I can promise is that not everyone of you will finally find in this release what he waited for. This release is mostly a “cleanup release”: To cleanup the code to make changes easier in future, and a cleanup of the GUI and “work-feeling”, to avoid that the features that we will add in the next relases will not mess up everything. We are not cubase, where we simply add a new window for everything new and forget about the rest. Features have to be integrated carefully into the UI, to make the Interface as consistent and fast to use. So it takes time, but I think this is the only way to go and its worth waiting for.

If we see that we dont have time to finish what we have planned for 1.5, we might skip these features to make the release as soon as possible real. A lot of things are already done.

So, take the chance and do some music. Now :) Renoise 1.5 will still only be a program. The musician is you. Amen.

:o and i thought it will be a refrigerator :D :P :lol:

no no no ;) … as i said, Tatik … the real quality of music dependents NOT in a software version … i (we?) know it

(… und … gedult ist eine tugend!)

About the VST issues:
Why dont you simply say us what problems you exactly have ? Does Renoise crash ? When does Renoise crash ? Which VST`s do Renoise crash ? What do you do to make it crash ? We cannot fix anything we dont know about.
Please tell us as exact as possible what you do to make it crash.

About the FXB issues:
As already said : This is already supported. How could you miss it ? I mean what could we do better so that noone misses this feature ?

About the “fxp import doesnt work very well”:
What exactly doesnt work there ? There is not much that Renoise can do wrong here. Its up to the plug to import the fxps and fxbs.

if i get the renoise logo tatooed on my body, take a picture of it and post it on the internet, can i get on the alpha tester’s team? :wacko:

where on your body? … the location of the tatoo is very important to join the alpha-team … all devs have this tatoo!!! but where?! :lol:

you need to get it done on your forehead. Thats were I have mine. Alternatively you can also do it on your left and right cheek.

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To all the complainers: :angry:

1] Be patient because what do you expect? Taktic to RUSH the 1.5 release and it to have many bugs???
I am excited for version 1.5 too. (and the mac version), but “Rome wasn’t built in a day” (remember that quote on FT2?) be patient!

2] Taktic is re-coding renoise to be better for YOU in the future, and so that the program is able to handle things ever better. (I think 1.281 is just fine, never had a crash with it and ran it on a few computers, but imagine an improved version with more features!!)

3] Use Cubase (steinberg) if you want. I don’t care. You think that is cool?? :P What matters most is your songs. So, make some songs :)
I’ll just say that in comparison, I’d rather use Renoise. The fact that the development team for Renoise CARES enough about the users and prodcut to make such a big change to the product without charging another 600 (euros/dollars) is pretty cool. (because steinberg would call the 1.281 to 1.5 change a new version like “Cubase 6 VST PRO edition deluxe Neundo Nutellabread Rainbow bright Pack” :D )

4] Many VSTs puggins have bugs. VSTs/DXis are like a seperate program. The person who created the pluggin may have made a mistake. ;)

I don’t know what people are expecting, but from the videos I have seen, I think you have done quite much nice work…Ofcourse I´m as anxious to see the next release as the others but as I have been around for quite some time I know that one day it will be done.

But for you I think the sooner the better, as I think there are people who are waiting with registering till the next release is out…


I am an old FT2 user and today a Cubase user… An I find the stability of your sotware quite unique and admirable.

Keep up the good work guys… Don’t hurry just because some people who have their own problems tell you so. You are the cream of tracking sowtware developers today and you are communicating with the users better than any pro audio companies. I truly hope you haven’t been depressed by some of the flames over here

Wheter there will be any new features or not, I find it most respectable that you’ve come up with a windows compatible tracker that does not CRASH :) Wicked… :wub:

yeah, or one that looks like fuxxing modplug.

aobut failing VST plugins:
there is already a warning about ReNoise crashing while trying to initialize a certain VST plug. Also, in such cases, a badplug text file is created into renoise directory.

about multiple outputs:
I don’t have a multi I/O soundcard, but this should be already implemented in ReNoise 1.281

…and I believe this is for ASIO only.

multiple outputs do infact work with ASIO in 1.281. i’ve used it.

The more they do news updates, the less they code.

It’ll be ready WHEN IT’S READY.

Get over yourself.

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