New Renoise

when new Renoise version will be available???


These questions arent answered as the renoise team dont like breaking promises/ estimates. Have a look here:…5410e8ea2b98681

for the status a few days ago tho.


Also if you are not registered and are planning to, this may be relevant to you (quoting It-Alien from thread linked below)…5410e8ea2b98681

Renoise 1.5 is a very bad joke in my opinion. I know developpers are thinking “They wait longer but they will have a much nicer program”.

But will the update be worth the months of wait??
I can’t use RNS 1.281. So this means months of creativity lost! It’s not their fault of course… but that’s what matters for me…
RNS 1.281 is not stable when you “push” it a little bit. I have lots of projects started with it, but at some point, when I feel inspiration is coming, it’s totally wasted by a bug or an instability problem. I know, I know, 1.5 will solve this problem.

This is what I thought too for:
Noisetrekker 3: “well, it’s a beta, it’ll improve”

Then Noisettekker became Protrekker
Protrekker: “… it’s a transition version, next one will be better…”

Then Protrekker became Renoise
Renoise RC1 : "just a release candidate, it’s looking cool, but I’m missing these VST instruments and decent MIDI support so bad… "

Renoise 1.0 : “Wow, cool… damn crash! VSTi support is buggy… oh well, this is first official version after all”

Renoise 1.1: “Huh, huh! Real fun… but it’s almost impossible for me to write music with a buggy software like this one!”

Renoise 1.2: "Yeah, very nice ideas here… (I even bought a midi device to use with “Remotemapper”), still not stable…

Just some other examples from the website:

VST PLUGIN AND VST INSTRUMENTS: Renoise offers full support for VST 2.0 >technology, including synths, effects and DSP processors, allowing near >infinite expandability.

Yes, but it doesn’t support multitimbral instruments… One answer to this on the forum was “use multiple instances instead”! What a useless waste of RAM and CPU!!
… And what about FXB??? I’ve been requesting this for months… we obtained FXPs… not bad… but doesn’t work very well… Unbearable!

“Breakthru, hoping a stable version of Renoise since 2001” ! <_<

I’ve lost too much time with this software…

I never, EVER, thought that I would say this one day, but it’s true:
Regarding music software, buying Cubase SX 2 is the best thing I’ve done!

I hesitated for some time (it was near the end of January) and then I thought: “They say new Renoise is coming ‘soon’, I don’t believe this anymore!” :( (we’re 3 months later)

Renoise changed the face of tracking, forever. It has features I had never dreamt of! But, developpers, don’t forget: a good software is not just a bunch of nice features and ideas… it has to be a little MORE… mostly when creativity is involved…

@Breakthru … don’t understand your arguments … i made semi-pro music with the poor octamed and med … on Amiga and later on PC as midi-sequencer only … one year ago i jumped to Renoise and my creativity with all the great features of Renoise (and the very great VSTi support) is increased and there are so much possibilities … so much possibilities that i could make music for years with the very good v1.281.

yes there are some bugs - but in nearly all software are bugs.
worldwide pc’s working with ms windows and windows yesterday and today have hunderts of bugs. als cubase isn’t free from bugs … and your cpu itselfs have bugs … no body is perfects no hard or software is perfect.

it’s not the software that make good music: it’s the musician that makes good music. if you are not able to make great music with small or not perfect software-possibilities it’s not the problem of the software - it’s your problem!
paint your bars in piano-roll and be happy and use all automated stuff u need … it’s ok … nobody force you to make music with a tracker.

tracker musicians starting with 4 channel 8bit sounds and i remember so great music 10 years ago - better than chart-hits on mtv today - with AMIGA-pcs that crashing every half hour coz of a room-temperature over 32celsius!!! ;)

i personally must not wait for a new Renoise version to make more music. Renoise today is stable enough and full of nice features to make great music to me.

why not? :P

Amen, Alex


Man! with v1.281 the renoise team did a great thing to the nu-tracking scene! don’t throw all that away just becouse there’s a better version waiing ahead of us! and yeh, the waiting is a bit to long, but give a respect tho those who never let the tracker scene die, and did the step, writing a program that kicks a lot of asses

Sell out.

buy out.

i’m not really agreeing with the hostility.
i love renoise. if you don’t want to track anymore i think that’s on you, not on the program that you’re using. to each his own, but i don’t think it’s right to diss either side. <_<

don’t know how you work, but for me, all instabilty and crashed are gone since i stopped using fullscreen mode.

and by the way, renoise can use fxb, not only fxp.

about that old multitimbral thing: i can understand that it is hard to get support for that into the current renoise design without getting messy.
after all it’s still nearly the same design from an old tracker that never was intended to sport such advanced features. give it some time.
meanwhile, if you need it so badly, you’ll have to spend some bucks on energyXT, you can use it as a plugin inside renoise and it will give you possibility to fully use multitimbral plugs.

well, at least on my machine it is.

I have allmost allways used Renoise in widowed mode and I have newer had any problems with instability.

I found it to work great after I started using windowed mode.

Can someone PLEASE release the current bugfix/just-added/just-changed list so we know that at least SOMETHING is being done with this program and that it’s not just in some state of limbo like what’s happened to all the other tracker programs that handle midi?

I think there is only one reply: go to songs page and see how many people released music made with ReNoise…

my renoise 1.281 is really stable (w2k) and i sure hope so since they rewrote lots of it (1.5) , it will be as stable as 1.281 and wont bog the cpu with the new eye candy.


Hey there,

I’m new around here, but just wanted to add that i’ve been producing music for about 10 years using only software(and midi keyboard to be fair) and i have used a wide range of software from trackers, to Orion, Fruityloops, Reason and many others. I understand it can be annoying to wait for bugs to be fixed, but i also know that there is no such thing as bug-free softwware.

I am a programmer so i know this as well as anyone! So i understand that people get impatient, but i can honestly say that the cost:feature ratio of renoise is as good as anything i’ve ever seen. It may have its flaws, but all music packages do, you just have to learn to live with them or find a workaround.

And one last thing, someone mentioned EnergyXT. I’d highly recommend it, it seems like a strange gadget, but it has a hell of a lot of features for $39, and can be used as a VST effect, a VST instrument and a standalone host. Its worth it just for the synth layering and arpeggiator stuff, and it gets improved very regularly.


I once had problems with stability. The program used to crash when receiving MIDI signal in certain curcumstances. It stopped when I installed new kX drivers.

So it’s not always the fault of the program itself that’s not stable. Remember that people.

And BTW, I always work in FullScreen mode. I can’t work seeing Win taksbar on the bottom of my screen :). And I don’t have any problems.

Well, I would have fixed a grammatical error but I failed to realize I wasn’t logged in when I made that message.

“I originally started music playing organs, pianos, and keyboards.”
(Hey hey–I single-handedly started music–yeah yeah, that’s it… ;) )

was meant to say

When I first started making music I was using organs, pianos, and keyboards.

LOL Think I prefer the unedited version but wouldn`t have seen it that way until you pointed it out :)

not many…but still ppl are just talking shit how fire they are about new renoise…quit funny :)