New Rock/triphop/breakbeat Fusion

Click the pic.

This one represents a slight change-up from my usual style. It features a more raw and fast break with some distorted and glitched up synth work, but with a splash of rhodes and ambience.


A version featuring Henriette’s vox is in the work.

Thanks dgimenez! I’m glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

this is nice work – very funky breakbeat, lots of excellent syncopations. very solid production.
my gripe is the piano line – what is up with that? it is just playing scales up and down. it sounds so good in the mix and it has so much potential to interact with the bassline and have a really sweet chord progression with a simple melody and possibly a couple of chords, but instead it just repeats the scale over and over … of this i disapprove because the track sounds SO good on a technical level and has so much potential for a great piano line, but instead it gives very little substance :( but perhaps the lead vocal will help out with that!

Thank you i/o for taking the time and posting some feedback. I see what you’re saying with regards to the piano, and I agree.

Thanks again!

then you better change it up and make it really sweet! :D


I fear I may be too lazy to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would much rather work on new stuff than toil with the old.

oh no the hell you didn’t. the song has too much potential for that mess. give me the RNS file and i will do it for you.

i’m serious man