New sample generator online: WAFXR

Wanted to share a new SFX Generator - online - that really pushes the boundaries of what types of sounds can be generated for your game design - WAFXR by @fenomas (on Twitter):

It’s got quite a few different sorts of modulation and oscillators that the AS3FXR / JSFXR / BFXR just don’t have, including FM, Additive, PW, and… METALLIC NOISE! Yep, you can make hi-hats, cymbals, clanks, clinks. Bass drums, percussion, etc. The very first thought I had was to notify those who like to make their own samples, be it waveforms or percussive elements. It’s got wavefolding and bitcrushing, and a variety of filters. Very comprehensive! Outputs to .WAV for further editing.

The thing(s) that really caught my ear are the Metallic Noise, the additive (harmonic) synthesis, and the FM modulation. For those of you who do sound design for video games (like me), or who design your own sounds for Renoise, there’s a lot to unwrap here. All sorts of great material.


Thanks for this…it’s a great tool and a great addition to anyone’s sampling workflow

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What a cool idea I will be having fun with this thank you


this seems really good. Can you tell me how you go about doing the metallic stuff I got no idea how it works

Yep, combine these things with the FM - I’ll emphasize that this is a full-blown synth, so you will have to explore and hone your chops on the FM to get some really wacky sounds - good luck!

those little green ‘hamburger’-lookin’ shapes next to the words ‘carrier distortion’, etc. will expand menus. Tons and tons of options :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 12.43.02 PM

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ight i got it thanks