New Sidechain Method?

I have a sneaking suspicion that the following plugin… … plus a midi loopback like Midi Yoke… plus the MidiCC metadevice… plus a gainer… will allow for 100% functional sidechaining! … I was going to make a VST plugin that did the same thing as the one on KVR, but then someone pointed out that one existed already. I’d try it right now, but my soundcard is fuxored until I reboot my laptop :P

… it might be useful to point out that if this works with a gainer, we will also be able to sidechain other effect parameters as well ;) … I’m really hoping this works because I want to do alot of really cool shit with it if it does.

Keen to see if this works, though I’m not able to try myself right this second…

post back as soon as someone has any results.

I will once I have time :P … work sucks :(

time suck…

I wish I could just go: Time.FreeTime ++

… but unfortunately, reality dun work like that.

… however, having my own office at work would help :P

I’m trying it right now and it works! It’s a little funky to setup, but it does work. Wooo…

Edit: Unfortunately I’m quickly figuring out that the Ultram plugin itself is pretty damn buggy :(

Edit2: Some quirks…

#1: Audio going into the plugin doesn’t come out again (ie. you can’t hear it), so you should use the plugin on a send track, then route your signal (ie. kick drum) to the send track with “keep source” enabled.

#2: Under certain conditions the plugin stops working correctly, giving a nasty POP… this happens if you set the “range min” parameter to a higher value than “range max”, which I personally thought would invert/reverse the signal… but it didn’t work :(

#3: Certain functions (including simply saving the song in Renoise) seem to reset something in the plugin, causing it to stop working correctly. To get it working again you have to change the “output device” parameter to something else, then back to the correct setting, which seems to bring it back to life.

So, bottom line… this “works”, but I think we need to find a better audio2midi plugin first…

/me goes on the hunt


I signed up here to ask about Chunk Vanilla compressor… I take it there is no good way to sidechain in Renoise then? :(

Not properly… we’re constantly looking for good hacks though :P

The sidechain compressor plugin that comes with the tcworks native bundle works just fine. :)

Except that Renoise doesn’t yet support the audio routing that would be necessary to actually use the side-chaining function of the plugin… unless you know some trick that we don’t? Please share :)

I’ve never seen the TCWorks thing before. Does it have the ability to send audio from instance to instance, so one can be used as a sender, and the other as a receiver, to enable side-chaining that way?


i’ve heard talk about this Tc Native SideChain thingy before. how does it work?

Exactly, it’s designed for hosts that doesn’t support internal sidechaining.

You place a plugin called “sidechain” on one track, and the compressor on another, and the first will trigger the second. It’s a bit buggy though - atleast I need to “reset” the compressor by enabling key input each time i load a song in which I use it. Anyways, it works in contrary to several other solutions so that’s fine I guess. :)

Am I missing something? Twisted Lemon’s Sidekick seems to work just fine?

after trying to work with twistedlemons sidekick i found it very unstable
as many others have also, and reported in on the forum. trouble with
the signal beeing left out and otherwise not beeing routet propably.
very irritating stuff.

ogge a: if its only a matter of enabeling the key input on the compressor.
could it not be triggered with a CC command input in the
track at the start, to force it everytime the song is played? im gonna
check this out. btw. thanks for the heads up on the routing setup.

@annide: Not sure, but it’s by all means not vital to it’s function hehe

i think so, if you are going to trigger the envelope in the compression you have to have the signal input enabeled.

Foo posted something about making sure e.g. the track with a “sending” instance having to be to the left of the “receiving” instance of sidekick… seems to work great here… but then again I usually only use slight ducking so I might not even notice that it’s not always working correctly? Hehe… but if it’s been a while since you tried it, try again I say :)

I’ve had nothing but headache with sidekick personally… it never seems to keep the settings I assign to it, and for some reason, similar settings (I’ve marked them down on paper just to be sure) never seem to work the same twice. Sometimes it seems that the two instances of the plugin aren’t communicating at all. The one time I got it working, it worked great though… until of course I saved and reloaded the song :(

Totally opposite experience with sidekick here.
I followed foo?'s step by step guide for setting it up (which I am pissed off because I cant find the thread for it… but I’m 99.99% sure its in tips n tricks somewhere)
and as long as you follow the simple rules in that thread it seems quite workable. Never had a problem with it losing settings, only things where the seperate instances of the plug weren’t communicating… but always fixed with restarting reniose or removing it from the DSP chains and re-configuring (it was always when I was still setting things up… who knows might be something i was doing wrong continuously)