New Single from The Razorwire Ballet - Free

Today, I am pleased to announce that The Razorwire Ballet is releasing a new single absolutely free.

Free means free, not free if you like us on something (that’s more of a trade if you ask me), not free if you register, share your e-mail, etc. Simply click the link, download the zip package and listen.

The link is below.

Put it on soundcloud.
That’s also free.

  • 21
    pretty long intro. 1.20
    the song does have a lot of energy.
    not very appealing in my opinion.

  • Tears of the Oppressed
    cool robot voice. I always like robot voices
    I like the baseline and the high synth part
    further missing an interesting melody in my opinion
    again high energy
    this one was better than the first.

Thank you for having a listen and posting feedback.

I do have them on Soundcloud and MySpace. Though I am getting feedback that the new MySpace option is unpopular because you have to have a MySpace account and login to hear it.