New Slow-beat Ambient Trance Thing

Would be nice with some opinions on this one.
All songs on soundclick is made with Renoise.

DjD - Tears

i think you will get more oppinions if you upload your song somewhere where it doesnt require a login… IMO that is of course :)

just sign up as listener ;)

did you fix the link? cause now i tried again and it didnt require any login…

anyway… IMHO you should bring bassdrum a littlebit more up, add some more bass and most importantly make some variations in that background instrument that keeps playing the same loop trough all song…

I didnt do anything with the link Trackit. Thanks for the suggestions. Im not quite sure about turning the bass up. Its suppose to be a chilled track and i think a to strong bass would destroy the feeling.
About the repeating piano line i do agree to some extent.
Im actually quite happy with this song as it is. That rarely happens.

yeah, maybe your right on that bass(drum) thing then…

its just im into hard, upfront beats i guess :P

Hehe… ;)