New Song And A 60 Minutes Set!

First, The 60 minutes set.

It’s going to be played Friday May the 28th at ONE AM at CISM 89,3 FM radio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

That means it begins at 05:00:00 a.m. Friday May 28, 2010 at GMT time… I know that sucks for you over there in europe, but that’s how it is :(

The set will be streamed live on their website:

Finally it will be available on SoundCloud for streaming and download.


The set includes tracks by the following Renoisers:

dblue and myself

I shuffled the order of appearance so you don’t expect what’s coming next!

And now, the new track:


Cool! And thx for including me :)

big ups for your tune ! i like it.

Nice track!! (can someone translate the speech for me??)

For anyone having problems with the bandcamp page in FireFox, make sure you disable noscript and adblock, otherwise the page is totally screwed :P

“I should have been suspicious of you, Alex.
You told me, I remember…”

“You’ve launched phrases like knives and you’ll pay.
You did too many grimaces in air drafts.”

“Your favorite novels were those where a single sentence pronounced was enough to upset the lives of the characters”

That last one is only at the very end of the song.

nice oneeeeeee :)
EDIT: i would love it if you could fade out the ending before the loud racket at the end. I don’tknow what i was thinking.
If not, it’s ok.

Your track is one Evil Creature JBL… :unsure:

The insects could be quieter… that’s true… but why fade out?

haha, well use whichever technique you prefer ;) dont worry if you don’t…

Darn I wasn’t included :P (It was breakcore…) but good job and good luck on the set!

Also pretty nice track!


Terminal42, your song was a bit late… but don’t worry I’ll make more mixes