New Song (battlerap)

I just finished a battlerap against a guy who challenged me, it’s in Norwegian, and made under my rapname Mafakka.

You can get it at the songpage, or here:Mafakka Feat. The Royal Family - Empty Sier Nøff Nøff.

Hope you like it!

EDIT: Explicit Lyrics

Haha, rox! :)

One tip, use two recordings of the lyrics all the way through, in center pan in addition to the vocal stabs you use. Might sound better…?

“buksa di lukta litt ffffunky!” :D

eastcoast brunost rap? :D

i like this alot, but (no large latino butt):

vocals to high in the mix, and the Snaredrum might be more tight?

*double vocal might be an idea.
route it to a send track, insert a filter(hp) and a pitchmodulator and a chorus fx… LOOW indaMIx… Da blir westcoast gutten glad :D

kanskje jeg kan få se litt på vokalene dine privat?
kast det i denne kassa dersom det er aktuelt:

Thanks alot for the feedback!

And especially for the tips… I’m not used to making rap, so don’t know all the “tricks” yet…

Mener du teksten eller audio’en av vokalene?

Takk igjen! Skal gjøre som dere sa, senke volumet litt, hører det nå, er litt høyt

jeg tenkte på vokalen… kommer bare til å leke meg litt med “fx” på den…
altså ::: i mean im not gonna release it on pinadetgreittrecords or anything. :)

do you use any mastering tools on your tracks?
i saw on tv… Paperboys homestudio used PSP Vintagewarmer.
and wavelab :D

YO muttah brottha sistaH! 54321. HEY!

töff töff, nöff nöff!!
wtf is going on here!? language is as crazy sounding as the tune itself :D
highly laughable stuff and i really love that modulated synth(?) voice :P

would mind translating the lyrics into english? :)

Here you go

Gotta love this! I’ve got no real feedback (as the lazy bastard I am on the songs section), but this is pretty cool. Keep it up!

Btw, are there any commersial norwegian rap out there? Just curious since Swedish rap has become quite a big thing tately (Timbutku…).

I vilket fall… norska är ju underbart! :) B)

i’m american and as you all know, we americans know nothing about the rest of the world. i always like to listen to rap in other languages though, THIS IS AWESOME.

thank you, gonna do some stuff with it and post it back to you. :)

Norwegian Rap: Ravi & Dj Løv, Sidebrok, Warlocks, Gatas Parlament, paperboys, tons… theres been a wave of norwegian rap for long now…

gonna shout out a name thats really fun to play at the clubs these days.
norwegian. Dancehall Hiphop chick: Mira Mira - Boogeyman…
CHECK! for them girls. :D

Here’s a verrrry nice norwegian rap song

Just while we’re on the subject :walkman:

thank you man, gonna do some “destruction” on this one! ;D

Alright, but I’m not sure you’ll like it as much, after that :P

here goes…

I’m tough as the train when it goes choo choo
You’re ugly like the pig when it goes oink oink
You’re a phonie, why are you messing with Mafakka?
Look at yourself, you’ve got dogpoo on your food (HAH!)
You’re hated, like Saddam Hussein
While we others eat kantarel (it’s a good mushroom), you eat Flein (Hallucinogen mushroom, toxic)
Do you get stone? It’s nice, so don’t get mad
But when we’re rapping, you’re way out there picking berries
So bring some “rips” (not sure what this is in english, but it’s a berry) and some raspberries
You’re much better at that than these things
i’m the one winning here, and it’s a fact
If you answer this you’ll get fcked up (WHAT!)
I would have stopped rapping, if i was like you
I’ts strange that you haven’t gone sick of explaining yourself and say it wasnt you when you make diss songs and people wanna beat you up
Relax, i’m not one of those guys, it’s a long time since i was 15 years old
But now i’ve got little hair on my head and diss datanerds
people like you who haven’t seen the street before
It’s always easy cuz you guys can’t make sh
and when you try it’s always a bunch of sh*t (dritt)
hah, i can make better beats, with my butt when i’ve got gas and let out a fart
EMPTY you’re a mamas boy
EMPTY you poo all over the place
EMPTY you get assaulted (yeah!)
dissed, mugged and I promise you that i’m kidding
cuz i’ve got nothing against nerds, without you I wouldn’t win at all
So go and change your diapers now, it’s about time
your pants are starting to smell alittle funky