New Song By It-alien: "a Moment Elsewhere 3"

let me lead you a moment elsewhere.

this has been quite an huge effort by me, but I’m surprised to see how it was easy to handle it with Renoise, and also how I’m still learning something new each time I use this wonderful application.

I like to specify that there are some sample-based instruments in the song:
the bass, the drums, the guitar, the hand percussions, the xilophone and the arpsynth are not made using VST technology.

there is also a streaming preview available here. it’s a 10MB download and a 14 minutes listening, so it may be a good idea to stream it a bit before…

Lovely prog-adventure. There are many many things I could say about many parts of this song, being so big and diverse- so just download it and enjoy it for yourself!

Highlights for me are the bells and gamelan sounds, as well as some of the dark bass moments and choral. I’ve one major irk with it though: the shimmering synth pad in the first third of the song doesn’t sit right in my head and distracts me from the rest of the deep.

Thanks Itty! Major effort!

PS, the lofi grain at the end is well chosen, and a nice addition to the Alien sonic palette :)