New Song By It-alien: "churches Of Umbria"

thanks for your comment nsound!

no, there are no sampled loops, licks, eads or whatever: everything is edited note per note. a little exception to this are the rolls (timpani and cymbals), which are short looping sounds controlled using expression MIDI Control Change (#11)

well -you say you know zero about music theory? are you mental? that track shows you know more than most.

yours in awe,


Agreed with all comments above except the “you should do soundtracks” one.

This piece could so do with a little stereo depth. I could really get lost in it then, but right now, with these in-ear buds, the lack of stereo detail is really obvious. It’s the final “au naturale” touch I think. Those places some of the others have picked up as “sketchy” or as gaps would fade away nicely I think.

I agree you probably won’t be able to produce soundtracks on demand and still enjoy your work. I wonder where purely creative orchestral scores might make money? I think you might need to look to the old composers to see how they pulled it off (music as political diplomacy perhaps?).

Go you, nice work :)