New Song By It-alien: "churches Of Umbria"

get your copy here
(Classical, 9’43", 7418KB, OGG format)

I tried to reproduce the feelings I had during a recent trip to Umbria, in the hearth of Italy, where huge cathedrals darken little corners where the humble faith tries to keep going.

Everything has been composed inside Renoise using a vast collection of Kontakt based libraries.

Amazing work. Bold and mature composition. And in places there are strong realisms. Choir bits sound a bit stiff in places. But that’s made up for by some of the ghost like leads.

You thought of getting into soundtrack work?

I’m envy for your violin :)
Soundtrack work is really a good idea. I think that fits to your strong imagination.

thanks for your comments!

you both suggested me to work as a soundtrack maker. well, you’re not the only ones… but I’m not going to make a living out of my music, for lots of reasons:

1] I already work as a programmer and I like it
2] I don’t want people to tell me what music to do
3] I have no clue about how I could get in contact with a film maker
4] I have zero knowledge of musical theory, so making soundtracks on a regular basis would be really hard for me

your opinions about these 4 points are welcome, because I probably have too few knowledge of the “pro” music environment to fully understand the whole thing

Itty…From my side it was meant as a “tracker-to-tracker” thing. I remember this discussion a couple of years ago when many of us stated that we won’t let others buy our music. It was a poll around here where we could vote for “they won’t buy me!”. So my view of this soundtrack suggestion was just an idea as a hobby. However, that doesn’t mean that I think you’re not pro enough. But honestly, who am I to tell you what to do. And why do you feel threatened so suddenly?
It’s just the other way round. I’m working as a programmer, too and do music only with passion so I think that I’m digging your feelings very well. And to go really really safe:
I meant the suggestion as a compliment (and I think Foo? did aswell) and not as a “better option for your profession” or something like this. Really would not want to hurt you with my comments, not my intention, sorry.

I wasn’t hurt by your comments, really.

it’s just that people keep on telling me “you should make soundtracks”… when the ones who say this are simply listeners, I care nothing at all, but when people I appreciate and know as musicians start to say this, I just ask myself if there could actually be a way to turn this passion into something at least more widely known.

I understood it was a compliment, and I sincerely thank you for this. Probably the best option would be to make a movie and also make a soundtrack for it ;)

Movies don’t have to include mega budget hollywood (or equiv of) films. I’ve been working with an indie film maker who releases completely via the web and things like YouTube. Think of it as a collab for art’s sake.

It-Alien, this is by far my favourite song of you. But I am also sad, that you did classic and had the “chuzpe” to upload it right after I tried to do movie-madness :)

Nothing bad to say about this piece, loving it.

Really nice piece you got there.
I was taking a trip to Umbria when listening to this as well. Well done!

A few weak spots here and there, but nothing to worry about.
Skilled kontakt programming and very good overall composition.

Excellent piece, enjoyed it a lot! Best one i’ve heard from you i’d say. :)

Have you ever thought about doing movie soundtracks? :w00t:

(Kidding, kidding…)

Okay, getting serious now… listening across the entire 9:43, I kinda get the sense of a series of musical “sketches,” instead of a single coherent musical work, and really the only thing that connects one section to the next is the instrumentation. Very loose musical structure, though it finally starts to get more focused towards the end. I get an image of my mind of an artistic master working frenetically on a religious painting, perhaps a fresco or mural in a cathedral, so it works on that level. But it’s kinda odd… to really enoy this piece, I find I have to stop paying much attention to it and let it slide into the background. When it’s the focus of my attention, I hate to say it, but it just doesn’t hold my interest for long. But when I let my mind slip off into thinking about something else, it works better for me.

The care that was put into this is obvious. This certainly wasn’t slapped together haphazardly, and I respect your willingness to take risks. And I wish I could like this more, I really do. But it just doesn’t quite do it for me. 7/10.

this song is so very very impressive, soundwise as well as the composition is fantastic!!
really hits the nail on the head with all the different atmospheres passing by.

I don’t know much about harmonics and such, but it was a most pleasant listen!

i am fanatic of high female vocals
mayby yuo kan figor to me witch libruary contains such vokals
song awsome

the library is “East West Symphonic Choirs”.

you could also use its “WordBuilder” to let the choir sing with words, but it’s very difficult to use and cannot be used directly inside Renoise because it is a special kind of VST called VST-MA which is not supported by Renoise.

Okay, I’m SO going to hunt this down… and then give Taktik my soul to get VST-MA to work in Renoise.
I’ve heared a LOT about the East-West Symphonic Choirs library and have only heared in action on movie
soundtracks… Very very sick what you did with it! Do you know what software is preferred to run the
VSTA-MA to let it make words?

surely Cubase would do it (it is one of the few to support VST-MA), but wait a moment: you can still use the WordBuilder outside of Renoise, as a standalone application, render the results in a WAV file and use it inside of Renoise.

Another try would be to use the whole Symphonic Choirs as standalone and connect it to Renoise through MIDI.

WordBuilder can be definitely used as standalone application; I had a bare idea to let the choir sing some latin phrases, for which I also wrote the lyrics (I have some high school latin skills), but the whole process for building it inside WordBuilder is a nightmare in my opinion, so I just skipped it.

if you are going to use the WB to get english lyrics you will probably have better times (there is an english phoneme dictionary available), but I’m doubtful about it…

Link is offline :(

please try again, sometimes the connection resets

Lovely music, but i miss a theme or two to remember it by.

To comment on the soundtrack composer stuff: well it is so that in hollywood you have to be able to direct an orchestra and deliver notes to all instruments. generally you have an orchestrator that helps you with this, but if you dont work fast and produce sheet-music - theres not much chance of getting anything done there.

wow - kept seeing this song link in yr many posts - just listened to it and can only give you a big positive YES.

brilliant - only thing that jarred with me were the occansional high peaks (pitch) in the vocals - like pitching up a sample y’know.

but yeah - thoroughly blown away - if that was all constructed yourself without any loops as well (dont know much about the east west thing other than Vsnares endorses it) then props x2

more please