New Song By It-alien: "deep Space Scanning"

well this is really something new and weird, at least for me. I’m happy I’m still able to “dare” releasing such songs, 13 years after my first attempt at music.

Let me quote the song comment inside the RNS file:

[i]"This is an effort in trying to imagine the output of a Deep Space Radiofrequency Scanning (think of S.E.T.I. project) transformed into audio signal.

Since some work has been put into spatialization, you may want to listen to this experiment with headphones in a dark and silent environment.

The basic idea after this experiment is to create a relationship between the pattern density and the density of information the scanner retrieves: the more the pattern is dense, the deeper the scanner analyzes data; pattern speed can also be another indicator of this deepness, with the big exception of the part between 6’30" and 8’30".

Recurring sound micropatterns, background textures and cycles through space zones are the main abstract structure of this experiment, which will require your brain’s attention for about 10 minutes.

Thanks for taking part."[/i]

Hope it won’t hurt anyone.

here it is the OGG version (6930KB)
here it is the RNS version (20KB ZIPed)

you chocie :rolleyes:

This is fantastic! Must be a lot of work put into this, also very interesting, that you’ve used only very basic samples in your song. I will definitivly keep this one and learn from this. You did some very nice fx with pattern commands. Beside the fx usage, this is highly atmospheric. Great job!


this fits my mood perfectly, coming home to sink in to some melodies after a week of working steadily…

I’m inspired to want to make something beautiful, to say the least…this is infectious.

Thanks for the RNS too, when I get a chance I’ll look at how its all done (not to mention the almost instantaneous download of something that has kept my head spinning for at least 20 minutes now), but right now I’ve got my own headspace to delve into :)



Nice one… I love the ring-mod and the gating… The ring-mod talks so much. This is a good break from your usual stuff…

Hope your experiment found some exterrestial intelligence… ;)

Sad to see, that this track is totally underrated at the songs page, some people seem to expect a mainstream track they could listen to, but ignored the abstract style. More objectivity would be nice, even if a song is in a style one usually don’t listen to.

wow, I just dl’ed your .ogg in a few sec’s on my comp. fastest dl speed I ever had, over the 1mb per second! What kinda server, and ‘where’?

track: spacy whales travelling through an ocean of emptiness, lots of delay…and mood. Effects could maybe be more subtle, I feel interesting motivs get lost in the swamp of reverb and delay…whatever good ambient