New song by It-Alien: "Everyday Magic"

A new song by me has just been released: “Everyday Magic”.

I tend to look for a better everyday living, aiming at those little things that make my life better.
I’m not a dreamer; I don’t plan to reach a future happiness. I have reached quite a good equilibrium and I just try to keep it day by day.
This is what this song is about and I’d like to dedicate it to my girlfriend Francesca.

MP3: link


This is just great music, tracker or no tracker.
Only bad thing I can think of is how you make me feel lazy in my own approach to music-making

good stuff!

That was great shit man! Always a relief to hear something that seems to be “Not” Renoise ;)

Wicked. love the vibe. very 70’s international playboy.

That’s pretty impressive! This was all done in Renoise!?

Latin vibe is astonishing! It’s so hard to read your mind in musical language It-Alien. This is great.

thank you all guys for your appreciations!

yes, it was. Of course, some VST’s have been used:

Drums and percussions: Native Instruments Kontakt 4 built-in library
Bass: Spectrasonics Trilogy
Piano: Modartt Pianoteq 3
Guitar: MusicLab RealStrat with Native Instruments Guitar Rig amplifier

…and the cuica percussion is an XRNI set I have made with samples collected on the Internet :)

wow, that realstrat sounds phreaking great. at first i was like ‘man this cat has some guitar chops!’ it’s a great bit of sequencing in any event. the whole thing is great.

The presence effect is perfect. :w00t: It sounds extremely realistic for me, except the guitar maybe. I can even see the band performing somewhere at small club when I close my eyes listening to this music…


Fuck me, this is awesome! Love it!

Latin beat amazing and the humanisation too!!
The bass and piano!
More an electronic man, but I must say I enjoy this :)