New song by It-Alien: "Il Principio d'Indeterminazione"

I’ve uploaded a new song by me here (12.8MB).

it’s called “Il Principio d’Indeterminazione” (the uncertainity principle), and it’s a progressive rock song.

It’s duration is over 15 minutes, and will probably be boring for most of the audience.

The song, being a musical reproduction of the uncertainity principle (not really the physics one, rather a more “human” reduction of it, which describes as we can’t have full control of our lifes), keeps on an uncertain path, sometimes falling into chaos, some else into void.

I’m still not 100% sure that this is the final version, so if you have some criticisms about the sound quality, please let me know.
If you want to complain about the song structure… well… I don’t know if I would accept criticisms about it… it’s very personal and probably there will be not so much people finding this to be bearable :)

What is sure is that this is one of the most complex songs I’ve ever written: more than 100 unique patterns, 40 note columns, 12 VSTi’s, over 3 months of work.

Hope someone will like it ;)

Hey IT-Alien…

Uhm, first of all, the piano part sounds really acoustic, just like hearing the “real thing” :P

What vsti did you use?? if any, and did you ever have piano lessons? Or are you “self-learned”?

Sweet stuff btw

About sound: sometimes Kontakt’s drum kit (isn’t it?) sound a little mechanical but I must admit that it’s very easy to use and to configure, according to personal tastes…
Sometimes the cellos (are they cellos or basses??) tend to cover the rest of sounds, but maybe this is due the bad quality of my speakers…
The rest is great: nothing to say about melodies (expecially, like always, the piano lines are brilliant) :) :) :)

About structure: nothing to say, it’s too much personal (like you said)

I have some question:

  • How many VSTi’s did you use at the same time??

  • Which level of CPU usage do you reach while playing whit all these VSTi’s?

  • Let’s say I want to apply a reverb to a Kontak’s patch, it’s better using Kontakt’s internal reverb or an external one?? (this is always related to the CPU usage…)

Thank you


It think he used Kontakt, Sampletank and something from Triangle… Just guessing :P :P

:drummer: see you :drummer:

first of all thanks to you all for the very positive feedback :wub:

the piano has been tracked using Native Instruments Kontakt.
This is actually the same piano I’ve used in
Everything I will never have, but it sounds less “plastic” because I’ve learnt how to control via MIDI Kontakt’s envelopes, so I can change them on the fly.

This is also true for drums: you can easily recognize a better dynamic into the little drums solo.

I’ve never got any piano lesson… I will say more: I’m pretty unable to play piano at all: I can play very slowly, but I’m clearly a tracking master ;) :D

A little curiosity:
the “whistiling” synth which you can hear at minute 12 is actually the bass modified using a chain of built-in ReNoise effects.

The maximum number of concurrent VSTi’s playing is 7:

  • Drums, Bass, Flute, distorted viola, violin, choir (Kontakt)
  • synth (Triangle II)

My p3 733 reached more than 85% of CPU load in some peaks, and I had to reduce the quality to “Working” to let it play fluently.

I normally use built-in reverb because I can have more and immediate control over it and, as said, when I’m in need for CPU power, I just set the quality to “Working” and the reverb goes off.

:o Oh … my …

This is hyper technical chaos and I loooooooove it :D
You have had, as I learned from previouse threads, no formal music training or did you?
Anyway this is so well done even the piano but the drums are just awesome, It almost sounds as if you played them in via a midi drumset it sounds just so real, so not sequenced if u know what I mean.

I can only enjoy and get slowly depressed over the fact that I will never reach this level, even If I wanted to I would not know where to start …

Mad props.

I have reworked the immensely fucked up sound of this huge monster.

the link is still this.

The piano, which was made with Kontakt 1, has been substituted with Pianoteq 2.3.

Other than this, the structure and the instruments are almost the same.

like it! reminds me in places of avant garde black metal stuff eg Arcturus.

Hell yeah! Downloading…

it’s gone 404

sorry, I was uploading a new version which corrects the volume of the bass at the end. now it’s up again

the song can also be downloaded from in mp3 format: link

I was gonna say that bass was too loud! Now I’ll have to re-download.

I think I prefer the original mix, but it’s good for people to hear this work for the first time by doing this remix.

yeah, the truth is that I’m out of inspiration and so I’m going to release a “best of” which everyone must buy! :P

PS: sorry, no unreleased tracks inside :rolleyes: