New Song By It-Alien: "Kiss Me On 7"

Hi all,

although the jazz compilation which will feature this song will be pusblished on Christmas time, I have decided to publish it as an exclusive preview here. It is a jazz rock song and will be published in a charity jazz compilation called “Jazz Friends” on Jamendo, under Creative Commons license.

Get the song here in OGG format

Great live feeling, IT! Your jazz stuff is quite everything I listen in jazz nowadays. Do you have soundcloud account?

thanks for your words, Zed. No, I don’t have a soundcloud account, as I already have to submit music to various sites each time I make something new :)

Brilliant. I wonder which VST can simulate such natural glissando’s and slaps on bass, I love it. Continuous left/right pannings has made it very hypnotic. The outro is superb.

the bass VST is Spectrasonics Trillian. The long glissando are made using specialized glissando samples, while the short ones are made using pitch bends

So a lot of effort is done… great as always. :)

Thats a really nice song :)

Must take a lot of time making this in a tracker…nice work.

Heard at 1:15 a hihat that is a little off beat(yeah i know its jazz :P)that sounded a liiiitle distracting, but if that is meant to be like that…forget i said that :D

edit: because i can imagine some little thing can be overlooked in such big project…

This feel is very hard to achieve on a tracker. - this is freakishly good in that regards!

Loved the bass sound. Would have loved some more melody exploration from the sax. Appreciated the live sounding mix (you resisted the urge to tame those lower mids and things were too loud in places, and I liked that).

Excellent jazz groove and bass ! i woold like the same samples… The bass & the kit drum are really merveillous ! Félicitation ! :)

Great song !
Did you use internal dsp’s for fx?
What LPB did you use?


the bass is made with Spectrasonics Trillian
the drums are made with a Native Instruments Kontakt 4 bundle drumkit
the sax is made with Samplemodeling Mr. Sax T
the piano is made with Modartt Pianoteq

I only used mpReverb for sax and drums, Compressor and Cabinet Simulator for bass and Compressor for drums. No external effects.
I used LPB 14 or sometimes 28 (the song is entirely in 7/8)

Excellent!! Are you playing those parts on keyboards or programming everything note by note?

I play keyboard like a cat does. does this answer your question? :)

yes, I have seen this on the IgNobel prizes book. It has proudly won one for computer science on 2004 :)

Impressive. You got talent. (bad english)
In other mind it still feals not live performed, ofcouse its very hard to do it or its inposible.
mainly it feels in ride cymbal…
Iam working for about 4 years to achieve liveness in my works, so this music is very close to main…
Its about jazz or 70s progresive rock…

interesting Serumas. I also compose lot of progressive rock songs, I would like to hear yours. Mine are available on my site (see signature)

i have just placed one of my short experiments

wellcome with review :)

Very nice!