New Song By It-alien: "la Caduta Di Una Foglia"

Hi all,

again, a new moment of my in-the-making concept album “Il Dolore delle Rondini” has been released:
La Caduta di una Foglia” (Falling of a Leaf) is a quite different moment, like a zoom on a little leaf going to fall from a tree.

Uncertainity, fear, shyness are the main feelings which this song wants to communicate.

The song is also available in MP3 format on

wow, beautiful.

I could vizualise being a leaf that is falling from a tree…

thank you :)

Yes, yes. Uncertainty and fear are clearly sensed. Also nostalgic to my ears. The intro sounds atonal to me more than being jazzy, the second half is ace and astonishing. This is actually a piece of MUSIC.

I can feel the influence of Masada… Am I right?

I love it.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what/who Masada is :)

Very nice. It’s spooky. I love the drumming too, nice stuff IT!

I wish I could get that kind of clarity in my songs, I’m still learning this mastering stuff… :)

A band formed by John Zorn. I’m sure you would like their stuff… Bar Kokhba is a good album to start…

It reminded me of a still cold water, like a lake in autumn or winter.
Guess that’s close enough :D

Nice one, could’ve worked as pure piano piece too i think, but the soft drums give that little extra sparkle.