New Song By It-alien: "lì, In Un Angolo.."

a new song by me has just been released: “Lì, in un angolo…”

This is a new brief moment which will serve as an intermezzo between two other songs inside the forecoming concept album Il Dolore delle Rondini.

The title means “There, in a corner…” and indeed depicts a small, evanescent sign of life appearing in a corner, between the majestic forces shown in the two songs surrounding it (which are, for the record “Churches of Umbria” and “La Rosa dei Venti”).

Lovely piano work in this one Itty. What piano is that?

It’s Modartt Pianoteq with custom settings

Brilliant Stuff as usual. Nothing to complain about. Keep up :)

nise violen, im just looking for so nice vst . which is it?

the violin solo is Garritan Stradivari. the solo cello is Garritan Gofriller.

Downloading! Can’t wait! Another step in your melodic saga :D

It is always impressive to hear, what different styles of music can be produced with such a not-at-all-like-a-instrument-looking thing (computer + renoise). Is there a story you want to tell? Sounds pretty much like a Danny Elfman score!!

Looking forward to hear the full album!