New Song By It-Alien: "life 2.0"

well, you probably have already noticed it, anyway there is a new demosong in Renoise 2.0.

I have taken advatange of all new features available for sample based songs, such as improved pitch commands (01xx, 02xx, 05xx), improved volume ramping (9x, Ax on volume column), delay column, value caching, and so on, so thanks to taktik for implementing all of them!

OGG version - XRNS version.

Wow, epic tune! The XRNS is an eye opener.

Very good.

The first thing I did was open your song in 2.0

It is amazing!!!

The song is brilliant and you use almost everything that is usable in 2.0
My songs are just “sample player codes” compared to yours.

Thanx for a song where I can learn from!

Technically insane as always, but oh dear does this mix need work! Wanna polish before the RC?

Yeah I totally agree with Foo?. First time I listened to the track I thought there was something wrong with Renoise sound core on Linux. But when listening other songs it was clear there were mixing problems with the track.

as always, Foo? is invited to mix it from scratch :)

I didn’t ask for help because you could have not opened the song before the beta stage

Very nice demo song. It got my attention as much as version 2.0 itself.

Great! Gimme a week or so and I’ll turn it to gold.

Ok here’s a remix of the XRNS:…20_mmd_mix.xrns

Let me know if this is right, or if any parts need changing. The music really revealed itself!

Yay, that’s much better. :) Also I noticed it takes lot less CPU. You either removed some effects or beta2 is faster. :)

The beginning reverby part is bit weird though, I used something similar with my song just about a week ago, and later decided to change it as it went into dissonance with the brigther melody. Check it out:

Also the place where the music ends temorarily. It feels kinda incomplete. Maybe a little echo in the end would help it?

But that’s just my critical self speaking. Otherwise it’s excellent, now both in music and sound.

This is old tracker technique. Why should you use several samples if you can do it with with just one? Back in the day the idea was to keep module size at minimal. This still counts nowadays, specially with track like this which is distributed together with renoise. Would you like Renoise download to be 200MB because of just one song that decided to multisample everything? :)

Also, you may never have multisamples of the same hat sound you like. What are you going to do then? Also using 09 gives you greater variations over just using multisamples. You may on the other hand use both and you have even more variations. :)

thanks, Foo? I can’t listen to it now, but your version is surely better than mine :)

about 09xx tricks: as Suva said, this is an old trick; this is very good expecially for change the accent of short samples which have sudden attack, such as hi-hats indeed. Also FT2’s Lxx command (set envelope position) was useful for that, and indeed I miss it.

just try it for yourself by cutting data frm a pattern in the column where 09xx is.

resuming: 09xx is not just for beatslicing :)

the most important is in my opinion the “ghost instrument” feature; did you give a look at the related tutorial song?

A bit of nitpicking: “fla+cmp+rev” routing is set to the first external soundcard channel, not the master, so it will bypass the master FX and thus make the clipping indicator go berserk.
Master post volume should then be 0dB, Masters Maximizers ceiling should be 0db as well…


I fixed that routing issue that taktik pointed out. I’ve also re-tweaked the ‘clean guitar’ instrument to be a touch less fatiguing. Please download this version!

Regarding the Maximiser being set to 0db - yeah try it and you’ll get clipping. It’s also set lower for intersample peaking issues.

I have finally listened to the mix, though I had to render the song and listen to it with headphones on a portable device because of lack of time; anyway I have listened to it several time.

there are things which definitely sound better, such as bass (great), drums (better), guitar (more defined), and things wich in my opinion sound terrible, such as the lead instruments (squares and saws) and the first instrument which you hear in the song have completely disappeared in the mix.

I will try to merge the best out of the two versions, though I don’t know from which one to start :)

You won’t, if all tracks are routed to the mastertrack. You got clipping before, because the clipping indicator also shows the other “directly routed” (master track bypassed) clippings…

I have uploaded a merged version here.

This time the samples are compressed with FLAC instead of OGG because I have noticed big differences in the overall sound which could have indeed degraded the sound too much. Unfortunately, we have to reduce the size of the song as much as possible to include it in the installation, so in the end the song must be OGG-compressed anyway.

What do you think about this version? Is it any better than the other two (mine and by Foo?)?

PS: I have crappy speakers :) and I mean crappy :)


typical IT-Alien track.

somehow it sounds good, although i dont understand the track.

When you think, ok now its the ‘main’ thing in this track, he surprises you with triple pitch bend over 3+ tracks+ some detuned stuff + totally different drums.

I think i never gonna understand IT-Aliens songs.

2 thumbs anyways, since 1.XRNS 2.It-wizardry in chaos composing stlye.
(meant in a good way)