New Song By It-Alien: "Little Wings"

Hi, I am finally back from the black with a new song, a 5’10" piano solo called “Little wings”.

OGG version (from

MP3 version (from

this may not be my best song ever, but considering the period I have faced, being finally able to release this is a great release for me too :)

Cheerful yet ambiguous, so motivating. Brilliant composition as always. Enjoyed very much.

I’m really enjoying this. Thanks for sharing.

Not that it matters one way or the other as far as the finished recording, but are you playing in real-time or doing ‘step sequencing?’

This is great stuff!

thank you both for the comments

mrblitz: I wish I could play this live :)
it’s sequenced using Modartt Pianoteq VST

Beautifull piece for renoise, it’s like live playing! Just to say something, maybe the music is a bit repetitive at some moments?
But I like the ambiance, especially at 3’40, modern and so shinny! :)