New Song By It-Alien: "Radical Changes"


here it is a new song by me:

“Radical Changes”
(Space Funk Rock, 8’58")

I’ve been quite unsure about the future during the last months, and I’ve tried to push these emotions into music.

PS: thanks to Foo? for some useful (I hope :P) mastering tips

As always, it sounds very very good!

How did you make those drums?
with a sampler, loops or very good programming?

I’m experimenting with drums a lot lately.

Awesome track. Pure funkyness… :guitar:

Wikid tune Itty! Love the wah guitars… The sound turned out pretty good considering the compromised situation you were in.

Brilliant. Very nice atmosphere.

edit: I feel the whole song is a bit panned to right, anyone experiencing the same? Or maybe it’s because of the drums?

the drums are made in Kontakt using a modified drums set from Native Instruments Battery Studio Drums Kit. The modification consisted in adding some cymbals and adding percussions, which are actually an XRNI instrument. I can reply that it is both a sampler and very good programming :)

actually, my right speaker sounds a little louder than the left one (this is part of the compromised situation Foo? talked about above), maybe it’s the same for you ;)

actually it was my mistake. Drums sounds used at the beginning of the song are a bit panned to the right channel (due to the Kontakt’s surreal instruments), that should’ve been confusing me.

Ah okay, so you’re doing almost the same as me… but a lot better ;)

I’ll get there at some point I hope :)

I agree, the drums are too far to the right.

“server not found” ;/ could you put it somewhere ( like rapid or speedy ) as backup ? thanks lads
edit: it’s ok now ;]

not at all my cup of tea but i can compliment on the quality and the originality, definitively ^_^