New Song By It-alien: "ritorno"


a new song by me has just been released.

It is again part of the forecoming classical concept album titled
“Il dolore delle rondini” (Swallows’ pain).

This song is actually a remake of a song which was first composed by me on 1997; listening at the original version was one of the main inspirations which lead me to the concept of the album.

You can download the song in OGG format from

or in MP3 format from

you can also visit the whole album page

Hope you like it.

Really nice one. I like the bits where you can tell it’s a tracker behind it all :)

I like the intro quite much and the natural sound of the instruments during the whole song. Did you hold a chord on readymade arpreggiators or did you play the sequences beginning at 0:40 yourself?

there is no arpeggiator or real performance in the song: everything has been made using East-West Symphonic Orchestra, tracking note by note.

The solo strings are made using Garritan Stradivari and Gofrieller.