New song by It-Alien: "Samba Camorani"

This song was originally made on 1997 with the help of my friend Gianpietro Camorani. Now he has turned 40 so this revised version is dedicated to him.

listen on Soundcloud:

download from my website:

4’49", sambajazz

Damn, I wouldn’t have thought it would be possible to track something like this.

Try to find the archives of Dizzy/CNCD, you will be amazed what was even possible with only 4 tracks.
But if you have the proper mindset and know the tricks, you can do whatever you want with Renoise.

Where and when can i see this band live? :P

omfg this is so realistic !

+25. Very nice composing on a level not often seen/heard! Respect, respect! Are the samples the same from the original track or did you use/make new sounds? :guitar:

I searched this name and found a few modules on different sites and then this page came up:


Hi and thank you all for your appreciations!

the original song is a .xm file which can ben downloaded here.

there are no original samples kept on the new version, which is completely made with VST instruments