New Song By It-alien: "things Can Get Easy"

the song

so this is my entry for streamed compo at Buenzli demoparty. It came 4th, and has been made in ReNoise with no external mastering, using:

  • DASH Signature TubileSax for saxophone
  • Native Insturments Kontakt 2 for piano, background strings and percussions
  • MusicLab RealGuitar for electric guitar
  • Applied Acoustic Strudios String Strudio VS-1 for fretless bass and solo violin

Nothing more than my tipical latin jazz summer song, after all ;)

i can never listen to your songs while i am at work because they are ogg and i can’t install other software on my computer here :( but i will check it out when i get home!

Cool, though slightly awkward feeling…

It’s not spot on Latin Jazz, it’s still got your trademark dark classical feel to it. Good rhythms though!