New Song By It-alien: Thinking Of Nothing

(It-Alien) #1

you know that days when you would like to just think of nothing, but thoughts run faster than you, and obsessively stay in your mind?

well that’s what this song tries to describe.

probably it’s useless to say that at about 4’30" this attempt fails miserely, and you surrender to the thoughts, starting a sort of chaotic allucination.

Jazz/Alternative 8’00"
Made with ReNoise and:

  • Native Instruments Kontakt for Drums, slap bass, piano, grand piano.
  • IK Sampletank 1 for flute and trumpet
  • IK Sampletank 2 for fingered bass and violoncello
  • ReFX Slayer1 for funky and lead guitar
  • Spectrasonics Trilogy for upright bass

errr… the link:
click me!!! :)

(Mekkah) #2

Ok… Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… so…I think I can review this song with one word:

:yeah: :yeah:

:yeah: :yeah:

(Mekkah) #3

Oh, another thing. Which patches do you think are easier to control via midi cc device, Kontakt’basses or Trilogy’s??

(It-Alien) #4

Kontakt, without any doubt.

But I’m really starting with Trilogy, I don’t know it very well, while I have quite a deep knowledge of Kontakt, so I may be wrong.

Trilogy has great sounds and engine, but the rest is quite awful.

(Zed) #5

umm… i’d put more deep bass and make it not so straight… bassdrum could be a little more deep as well… hats go a little too loud… but sounds great in general, reminds me Jethro Tull a bit…

p.s. it seems you got new forum status, pretty cool one :)

(It-Alien) #6

thank you mekkah for your one-word review :)
much better than this one by cdnalsi

I will listen to the song again to check for your advices, but keep in mind that this could be due to the OGG encoding.

I could send you the 32bit/96khz version, if you want :)

(Mekkah) #7

Yes, I read the other review, ctg never liked you. I remember the review of “The song I prefer” and “Just for funk”… They are more dance oriented and give a good score to every song with a “tunz tunz” part. I can’t criticize them, because
that’s their favourite genre, I only say that they aren’t the best listeners for your music…

Btw, do you use some specific software for mastering your songs??

(It-Alien) #8

yeah I know…
unfortunately CTG is one of the few resources for the tracking music scene :(

and it is a shame that, despite they changed the site name to give it a more “generic” feeling, some people still feel that anything but trance has to get attention… well who cares… I will keep on submitting my songs on that site, though I really get a few downloads from it.

the only thing I would like to see is that, if you are going to review a song, you should know what are you talking about… jazz is not simple music… you can’t review a jazz song saying “compose some simpler music”… this is just bad… :angry:

about the mastering software: no, I only use ReNoise with built-in effects (plus the effects built into the VSTi I use).

It is a sort of choice: I’ve always liked trackers because they are all-in-one softwares. ReNoise gives the ability to compose, refine and master your song in an integrated environment, so why not?

Using VST instruments is the only exception I admit for me, and now I’ve created a solid group of plugins I know quite deeply, and deeply integrated them into ReNoise, so that I could say that my integrated environment is ReKoSlaTryTank :)

(Mekkah) #9

Another question for you (then I’ll stop to bother you…). Which techinque do you use to slide up or down the samples loaded into Kontakt?? I automate the pitch knob, because I can’t apply the 91 command in the panning row…

You’ve used tons of midi cc devices and much patience, don’t you??

(Mekkah) #10

… I wrote a “revenge review” for you at ctgmusic (have another handle there)…

Now you have a higher average score… you deserve it!! ('sti bastardi!!)…
Ops, sorry, something italian came out from my mouth…
:P :P :P

(Zed) #11

well, it’s just might be me who used to hear overloaded basses in hardcore electronic :) i think ogg doesn’t make such big distortion of audible spectrum, otherwise i’d rather call it “equalizer” than “encoder”.

well, i don’t own such quality hardware to listen that quality. and after all, i’m fan of raw sound, and i still thinks my fist 8-bits tunes rocks, there is something i like in quantum noise, especially when it’s true hardware noise. when you’re doing the music with such hardware you feel like you’re fighting and helping to the music to survive. so, 32bit doesn’t make me much sense to me B)

(P.T) #12

Nice one as always :)

About CTG:

Yeah I think they still need a better organisation (thousand people with fake accounts etc.). Some things are still a bit childish there :ph34r:

But it´s promising, let´s what the time brings :)

(It-Alien) #13

91 xxxx
adding and automating Kontakt glide module (time knob)