new song by It-Alien

the Song I Prefer is my new song made in ReNoise.

Most people will as always hate it :rolleyes:


I downloaded ALL your songs and I must say that “The song I prefer” is the song I prefer…

In my opinion it’s very difficult to create a psychedelic sound for such a long time (more or less 6 min and half) without the help of drums or percussions in general-----------The piano line is amazing!!! (Have you ever thought to replace Jordan Rudess for Liquid tension experiment’s new release?? :) )

The only think I didn’t like has been the snare’s sound: too much short for my tastes------------ But this is only a little detail------------ Congratulations!!!

:drummer: I wait for your next song!! :drummer:

This is not my style at all but I can say anyway: 9 mins nice piece of work :)

thanks you all!

damn, I’m receiving only positive feedbacks these days :wub:

please give me some criticisms like in the golden age!! :D

@Dan: Google has all the answers (or you can visit my [profile](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=Profile&CODE=03&MID=48) and/or my site to know more about me (wow!))

@Mekkah: many thanks! it’s good to see that when you reach your 10th year of tracking you still read comments like “this is your best song”… the more you produce, the more is difficult to improve (it’s mathematical :) )

That’s what I’ve used:

  • Kontakt’s bundle CD samples (NKI format) for drums, guitars and piano.
  • Sampletank stuff for accordion
  • HAlion samples (FXP) for strings, loaded into Kontakt

no external hardware used.

Actually I have a MIDI keyboard, but I can’t use it at the moment because both of my MIDI ports are broken.

I mainly use MIDI keyboard for jamming with the sound, not to compose, mostly because I’m a drummer (and sorf of a bass player) and I’m unable to play what I compose (well… probably not so much people are :rolleyes: )

Well, isn’t that the reason we are using trackers?! :)

yes, of course!

moreover, I’m part of that tracker users who learnt music on trackers and never studied it in other ways…

you know, that kind of people who when talking with a guitarist say “C-E-G” instead of “C major”… well that’s me :)

Quite impressive !
I’m not fond of everything musically speaking, but most is interesting anyway. (The drums at the end sounds a bit too mechanical).

However, I have a question for you :
How do you manage to have this very ‘human’ feeling in the way the piano solo sounds ? As if it had been recorded live…
How do you proceed ? There’re a lot of tempo changes. Do you compose the whole stuff, then modify the tempo ‘by hand’ ?
Do you add a lot of Dxx everywhere ?

Thanks for your answer, and… Good job :)


first of all thanks for your appreciations (this is the tipical phrase you say when they are giving you a microphone and you hear that horrible feedback whistles :lol: )

all of my modules, not only in the piano sections, have continuosly changing BPM and speed values;

the BPM changings give a sort of humanizing touch to the sound, which is not random as a humanizer usually is, while it is instead completely programmed.

the speed changes are used to put short and fast notes in sequence, which change or demultiply the normal metric structure.

I don’t use 0Dxx very much. Actually I’ve used them a lot on FT2 (EDx), but as of now they are quite of no use for me, because I’m using VSTi mostly, so I have to put all notes of a VSTi on the same track. This means that if I put a 0Dxx on a row, it will delay all the notes which are on that row, so I usually solve this by doubleing the speed value for some rows and insert the notes accordingly.

This problem could be addressed with a one-digit hideable column with which you could say to the tracker to which note it should assign the current command (the so called assignment column I’ve struggled months ago for, and quite noone seemed to appreciate it <_< )

I instead still use pattern delay (FDxx on RNS, EEx on FT2), which I abused of in FT2 as a pause measure.

If anyone could find this of some interest, I could put the RNS file of this song online, so that you will be able to see how it is done. Obviously it won’t have sound because there would be no VSTi samples, but you could add your own collection of sine sound just to have an idea :)

I think I could find your “The song I prefer”'s rns file very useful. Maybe I’ll find some “trick and tip” to improve my (very very very poor) tracking technique…

:drummer: thank you in advance :drummer:

ok the song is uploaded at this URL.

Feel free to rip some tracking techniques :)

Man, I really enjoyed this track! Only complain I have is actually on the mastering aspect, that the distortion in the beginning sounds mostly unintentional somehow…

The piano bit IS brilliant! B)

Gotta give this track to my brother, he’ll never believe it’s tracked! hehe…

Man, this must be one of the weirdest things I’ve ever heard :)

Very interesting work !

personally, i also enjoyed this tune. but i noticed that both on my speakers and on my headset (sennheisers), the sound cracked. i got curious and loaded the .ogg into sound forge.

the tune clips throughout the entire tune. be careful when you render the file, or if you use some sort of compression on it. clipping is evil :) i’m utterly surprised nobody else noticed this?? its not judgement, its a fact.

nice work tho!


Wow, I didn’t realise this song was a few years old. I’ve just heard and reviewed in on CTG, so I thought I’d pay my respects in here too. This is a straight copy of what I wrote:

thanks Achenar!

I remember I had quite some troubles trying to master this song, and my failing on that is evident to everyone…

What I don’t remember is what the problem actually was… probably I was experiencing CPU/memory shortage, or the Renoise version I was using had some troubles… well anyway for some reason “the song I prefer” is getting some new attention nowadays (was I too ahead for you human beings? :P), so I should finally solve that issue, remaster it, and publish its related album on Jamendo and update the file on my site. Once done, I will report it here too.