New Song Contest


There is a new song contest at

I tought that you guys could be interested, perfect for renoisers B)

The definition of the contest
There is a monthly theme for which you have to compose your song.
The maximum length of the song is 30 sec.
This may seem short, but…
The goal of the contest is to come to the point…
Think like the themes they do for television series. It is amazing how much those composers can do in such a short laps of time.

The quoting system
You specify your points, from 1-5 for the following items

  • Composition
  • Performance
  • Production (mixing)
  • Conformance to the theme
  • Personal appreciation
    The total of the points is the number of points that the song gets
    All voters have to specify their points for each category

Organization and Timeline of the contest

  • The theme is fixed by the moderators of the contest, the first of the month.
  • 3 weeks to contribute and comment on songs
  • Last week is voting week with deadline 2 days before the end of the month.
    The winner is announced, last day of the month


    Top 3 get a prize

At the moment we have the following prizes:

H.G. Fortune

Donates a unique monthly prize

One of the winners will get a free version of his unique VSTi ‘shuniji’ SE.
This vsti is not for sale and will be unique for the kara-moon contest.

The H.G. Fortune site can be found here :

Equinox sounds

Juan, from Equinox sounds, offers one product which can be chosen from his
products range

The Equinox Sounds site can be found here :

Les Production Zvon

Zvon also very kindly agreed to offer a prize for the monthly contest

The Zvon site can be found here :

Rules of the contest

All members of the kara-moon forum can participate

To participate you must

  • Compose a song unique for the contest. No covers !
  • Max length : 30 seconds
  • Allowed format : MP3 or OGG Vorbis
  • Tag your song with the title, autor and date
  • You must vote for at least 5 songs (your favourites), artists that didn’t vote will be disqualified.
  • Contribute your song before the deadline, deadline will be announced every month.
  • Have fun

I hope a lot will join here, I want renoisers in there, you guys are the best


COunt me in!

30 sec tracks sounds like a fun idea.

Sounds like fun, count me in. :)

Hehe an-garde BeatSlaughter!

Great guys, I hope that others here will join
We allready have the first contributions.

Don’t forget to mention that you made your contribution with Renoise.
Great publicity for this excelent software !


And if you are member in other forums, please spread the word about the contest.

Accepted. :)

@Kara: It might be a good idea to add some more details about the compo to the first post. Might attract more, as in general people are lazy and don’t check out the linked site.

a 30seconds bassfest is really tempting, I will give my best.

@Beatslaughter : thanks for the tip, i’ll edit my first post
@looza : great !

The first submission are allready made :)


[Edit] Edited my first post

ooO, neat! as i can only make tracks worth 30 secs to 1:30 playtime this is the shit :P

Yeah great mlit !

Other takers ?


\o/ <-- me cheering

you know i’m in kara :)

I’d like to participate, what’s the deadline?

I’m done! You can listen here to it.

Mine’s in too, renoise song of course…18.0;attach=698

I hoped you would partcipate kaneel, cool


A litle update :

To answer the demand of the forum contest participants we decided to start directly with a monthly period for the contest.
The running contest will end on september 23th with the last week of september as voting week.
Winners will be announced on september 30th.
And the second edition of the contest starts on October 1st


the idea of 30 seconds limitation fascinates me, since I usually make 7+ minutes long songs, but coupled with theme restriction it is almost impossible for me to deal… too bad… but I will try to make such short song one day…

Have a listen to the submissions here :

There are allready a couple of renoisers
Yes it is a challenge but it is fun to do


A friendly bump

One week left to enter your submission for the september contest.
Voting week is last week of september


A last bump
Contribution ends on sunday, only 2 days left…