New Song: Doctyor Chaotica

Listen here:

Please tell me what you think :rolleyes:

I want some constructive feedback by you pros :yeah:

Very happy track, you used some oldschool sounds. I dont know I think about japan while listening it ;) maybe its scale in arppegio ;)

Hehe :rolleyes: I can get what you mean! Thank you for your words. :walkman:

Nice track though not really my cup of tea. genrewise. CAN I HAZ KICK DRUM? Where’s the sample from?

Thanks. I think it was some kind of Vengeance kick or something. I pushed it really hard with an compressor :rolleyes:

I love the intro! Makes me want to play with an effected piano, a 303 riff, and a string pad. I love the quick pitch bends or portamento you have going on the 303. Fun stuff.

Thank you! :rolleyes:

Very nice track. It has kinda inspired me to try my hand at house next actually… sounds kind of similar to how I always pictured my house sounding.

Thank you very much! ^_^

cool song. i would have taken back the kick drum a little bit or at least used a kick drum with not so much “thump”. i mean your song borders more to something techno/trance-ish than to house, so you really should put more emphasis on your beatiful melody and arpeggios than to constantly “cut” them with a hard kick. in my opinion, the kick should just be like a tempo reminder. it would really benefit your song.

for house music the whole song, including melodies, bass, etc. must follow and emphasize the typical kick_kick+clap_kick_kick+clap rhythm. for example the melody is often short and rhythmic and plays in between the kick and the clap (or snare). derivations from the typical house rhythm like long melody and arpeggio-passages (which are more typical for trance) or the playful additional snares that you have in the background can already break the formula.

just for camparision, listen to some generic trance stuff i.e. around 0:50:00. the only thing your song lacks is the fancy sidechaining. the tempo is also a little bit faster but everything else is very similar.

Thank you for your words!! Yes, i know the kickdrum is too compressed and it doensn’t sound good at all in my studio monitors (but i my headphones)… In my studio monitors everything sounds muddy in the bass and not good at all… It’s so typical me to skimp on the mixing part :blink:
Thanks for sharing your ideas