New song - glitch/dubstep

Hey everyone:) I’m new to this forum, and also a little new to renoise. This is one of my first renoise songs. Have used fruityloops before but I loved using renoise to create this track:) Any feedback are welcome!

Nice track, sounds a bit neuro to me.

You are new to renoise? Well, it seems to me that you already have a good level in music composition in general!

Good work!

Awesome Track. :slight_smile:

Really cool! Some daft punk inspiration inside :yeah:

Wow nice chords and bass! Deep emotion in it. Only the drums / kick are too much compressed for my taste, a little less and the target audience would be grow a lot. Btw. remove “s” from https to see the inline sound cloud player. The devs could really add a replace code for this.

Yeah, it’s definately no lame socks in there! In your mind it seems to be going on playful, happy, energetic, and a bit kinky according to this tune.

Only thing that slightly annoyed me when listening ist the tiny single rate-decimated synth hit in the end of the main riff, it seems misplaced somehow? I’d either give this special effect (lo-fi sample&hold rate decimation, as commonly used as one solution for those Yigh! bass sounds) more room, and make other stuff similliar in terms of lofi sound appearance, or leave it out alltogether and make the yigh with dual peaks filters or whatever to keep the main vivid, undecimated feel of the riff and tune intact. But as I now write that, I remember lots of dubstep tunes that hard switch between s&h and “clean” sounds, and how it always annoyed me a bit as it can produce contrasts that don’t necissarily work well all the time.

Great stuff :walkman:

Ok thanks for feedback! Yeah It’s compressed quite much for loudness and I wanted it to sound like this when I mastered it.

Working on another one in renoise, so stay tuned for more socks!!