New Song "guardian Angels"

New Song “Guardian Angels”

Jo Folks!
Just a new one, hope u like it.
Greetings! :D

Guardian Angels

this reminds me of mid/late 80’s demo-music with some influences from the 90’s aswell with some xtras like reverb that we didn’t have back then…
are these really new? or are they just remakes of old .mod’s??
some of the samples (quite a few of them actually) are strikingly similar to what was a fad in that era…
the lead at 05:16 in Dark Power for example… classic demo-style technique…

darn, man! at least they bring back some good old memories…



listening now

it does sound pretty demo-tuney. good stuff man!

yes u right… :)
the mid/late 80s demomusic and the 90s was my thing (on c64 & amiga).
i listen a lot of the demomodules in soundtracker, protracker, noisetracker, startrekker, futurecomposer, tfmx, etc…
i never say goodbye to these hundreds of amazing demomodules from different demos and groups. it was the best time.
yes these mods are new. i never load a old mod in renoise and writing around. i dont make remakes of old mods. i start always with a blank renoise pattern.
yes its demo-style-technique! why not? just composing and have some fun about the results :)