New song on Renoise

hi, here is a sound made with renoise and analog lab d’arturia, thank you for your comments
good listening
see you
song of synth


This is a little Synthwave tune with nice melodies, but it seems to be unfinished and the mix needs more work. Except the hihats (and especially the shaker) It’s quite ok through headphones, but have you checked through speakers? The synth bass is too soft and needs to be louder. The synth starting at 0:37 is way too soft and is partially almost not audible, you could at least double its volume. You could also increase the volume of the other synths, which are also too soft, and decrease the volume of the hats and shaker, which are too loud. Furthermore you could develop your composition by adding some pads, strings, long synths and more. This would push your sound, fill the gaps and leads to more variety at the same time. Last but not least the song needs to be extended in my opinion, it’s quite short and it ends abruptly, which is a little bit unfortunate. Btw, do you have Soundcloud? It’s easier to listen to songs on Soundcloud than to a wave file via dropbox. Just think about it. :wink:


Nice, off to a good start here!

hello, I’ll try to remedy this kind of problem, actually I still have some shortcomings in terms of mixing.
hit hats and shakers are included gross.
with hindsight you’re right I have to increase the sounds of the synths and vary the whole piece, for that I will need a little more imagination to be able to lengthen the piece
in any case thank you for your listening and to those who listened to this song :grinning: