New Song: "parallel Thoughts"

Ok, time for a new song:

Parallel Thoughts
(Fusion / Slow rock, 3’54", 2640KB OGG)

The struggled period keeps on, but at least I’m going to think at something else too…

Superb technical execution, it does not sound like coming from a computer at all. Id love to see how those tracks look :)
I have not heard more that 3 songs of yours, but they all are extremely fascinating. Its like you found a high “layer” where tonal innovation is the norm rather that the struggle.

Wholly … this track is amazing … !
Like your groove man, awesome skills at work
with a thick, solid Vibe and a concrete atmosphere

I’d love to attempt a remix at this if I had the balls

the [i]“rate It-Alien with a 10%”[/i] guy striked back.

Thanks again :rolleyes:

…and thanks to Mike_SWE and BotB, in a different way :)