New Song, Pop: In The Time It Takes…

Pop. Still working out kinks in the recording–background vocals have a lot of hiss and I think I could have a better take of the main vocals–so basically this is a draft recording, but I really like this song and I hope others will enjoy it too.

ohoh. Kizzume, is that your voice? Sounds very good.
A precious piece. Unbelivable which kind of artists we’ve got here.
Could you tell us something about the production? I’d be very thankful.
And I’m checking your other songs already.

All the samples are ones I’ve gotten from free sample sites on the net, all the of the effects, to my knowledge, are native effects. There are no drum loops, just individual drum sounds I turned into a kit. The notes and drums were inputed live with a midi keyboard. The background vocals (the ooooh’s) were recorded before I got my nice mic that requires phantom power (that I used as samples in the renoise song itself), and the main vocals were recorded after I got the good mic with Cubase SX, using 5 to 1 compression ratio in Dynamics along with standard settings for the gate and limiter, Sony reverb (accquired from the free version of Sony SoundForge) with the room size slider about in the middle and the wet-dry mix being about 3/4 dry (the other slider I kept at default) and Cubase DoubleDelay with one delay set for around 130 ms and the other for about 300 ms with the wet-dry slider set for about 9/10 dry.

Listening to it now,

Not really my style (too slow) but sounds well arranged and i know from experience tracking with voices and particulary singing within a tracked song is way difficult so thumbs up for that

sounds well

Frank sinatra fan? :P just reminds me somewhat of him,dont really know why but it does

Not really, but he could have influenced me anyway–not that I don’t like Sinatra–I actually think he’s pretty good–he performed some good songs very well in a genre I do sometimes listen to. It’s strange how sometimes even the bands that I don’t like end up influencing me anyway. I have a friend who sounds like REO Speedwagon every time he writes a love song, and he absolutely despises that group. I think I’ll listen to Sinatra more now. Thanks for the tip. :)

This is something i would normally never listen to at home but still, it sounds pretty good. Can’t give u much other feedback as this is not my style at all.

Great to see how many different things are possible with good samples and/or vst instruments and Renoise.

It’s a good draft, this! :)

The sequence and vocals works quite well, personally I’d go different ways with the production but then again I’m an electro man, hehe…

Second hear-through, very enjoyable! :D

the url is not working on my computer. anyone else with that problem? :blink:

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Parsec, shuddup! :P

Sewen: you must have been unlucky, works here.
Get it from me on msn instead!

Do I always post after sewen…? Hehe…

Very well arranged. I am really impressed. This sounds like a song out of a Tarantino Movie.

Woah, really well made. This ain’t the style of music I usually listen to but this thing has this “specialty” which makes good music. This song proves that it’s almost possible to create realistic sounds without having a real band…

Great work.

Nice one!

Thanks everyone. Sorry it had been so long since I was on the board and responded to everyone being so cool. The band has been taking most of my time. (March 1 at the Phoenix in Seattle–“The Other”)

The main key to making this song sound like a “band” was entering the notes in live with midi. Had I not have had that available, the song would have sounded totally different.

I’m still working on getting the final recording completed. I already have the background vocals redone and parts of the main–it shouldn’t be too long and I’ll have the final done.

Again, thanks for all the positive feedback. :)