New Song: "rationally Irrational"

Ok, I’ve done it again.

This is my new song:
Rationally Irrational (12’40", 10640KB, OGG).

I feel quite tired at the moment, so I won’t talk a lot about it: what is clear from the title is that this song is quite variating and inconsistent.

It took about 3 months to compete, with lots of patterns, notes, VST stuff and so on…

Sorry… headache :wacko: :)

Many thanks Bantai! :D

as I feel better now (gone out for a walk), I can add some technical notes about the song:

77 patterns used, 12 tracks with a total of 40 columns, 4 send tracks, 16 VSTi instruments.

All lead synths are made with NI Pro-53 and no, the central part is not made with an arp-synth :) It’s a note-by-note work.

The warm synth pad is made with RGC-Audio z3ta+

Saxophone is DASH Signatures TubileSax

The guitar is Musiclab Realguitar using IK Amplitube.
Acoustic and electric basses are made with Spectrasonics Trilogy

Drums and orchestral strings are made with Native Instruments Kontakt (as a lot of people ask me the name of the drums collection: it’s Native Instruments Baktery Studio Drums)

the Organ is Native Instruments B4.

Percussions made with YelowTools Culture tryout.

Music is made with my brain and ReNoise joined together :)

I think you’re improving in this style… just a year back you didn’t show this much concentration and discipline as you do know… you keep on talking in terms of irrational, chaos etc. why? It is not like so. I think it’s just an excuse… ;) :D (for what I don’t know)
this piece reminds me a bit, at times, of the Romantic Warrior Album by Return to Forever…
You’ve got a certain Live-studio sound going and that’s saying a lot when considering the production technique used…

music-wise I can’t say much… since you’ve got the sound down-right it’s all a matter of composition and build… Either one likes it or not… that easy… I like it!

just a few things, though! (or major depending on how you see it)
the parts - try to tie them together a bit more coheasively
the riffs - chisel them out more and build stronger around them
the theme - do I miss it or is it just that evasive

mind… I can’t do what you do, I’ve just listened to a shitload of that type of music…

lightly taken, I hope?


A beautiful piece, monsieur. I love the way you did the drums, they sound very “live”.

well… a lot of weird stuff is happening into my life during this last year.

Some good, some bad, some I just can’t tell yet.

That’s why these song are extremely variable: one day I feel hyperhappy and faithful about future, the day after I’m lost.

Now I am… err… :rolleyes: