New Song Release - "Repeat"

Just finished a new song today. This song has gone through about a hundred different incarnations over the last… year?

I decided to finish it, no matter what. I’m curious to know if it’s boring, or too busy, or too repetitive, or not repetitive enough. I’ve heard this so many times I’ve lost all context. =) (I guess an example of when you should finish a song a long time ago and not keep going back to the drawing board).

Any and all feedback is most welcome.

Not boring. I enjoyed listening this track. Nice break and start from 2:00 :)

Thanks Simonus,

Folks always tell me that I always try to stick two songs in one. I guess it’s just my thing. =)

On a side note, I just moved my home office and it’s pulled apart… so I finished the song with only one monitor plugged in. I consider that quite an achievement. Then again, if everything only comes out of the right speaker you know why. =)

Great track, nice vocals and nothing is boring at all. It might be like two songs in one, but whats bad about that? :)

Thanks Irthosis… I never had a problem with it (see “Pilgrimage to Paradise by sourmash”!). When I’m finished I’m often not that happy with the finished product. Maybe becuase I don’t put as much time into writing songs as I used to, and thus they sit on the shelf and by the time I come back it’s a different idea, a different direction… and a never ending song. =)

I wonder if most folks are usually happy with the finished product when they complete a song?

Thank you for the feedback!

Great track. Not boring at all.
Drums sound a bit dry though.

nice track.


Thanks for the feedback guys.

When you say the drums sound dry, do you mean in terms of the complexity of the pattern/beat itself, or in terms of how they sound in the mix?

I was using a bit of reverb on the snare but I just couldn’t make it sound right (to me). I find that when I put reverb on a snare it makes it lose it’s snappyness. If snappyness is a word.

Of course, I’m 99% sure that if I knew how to do it the “right way” it would come out sounding better. What type of effects do you usually put on the drums? (on bass, on snare?). Perhaps I should move this question to another forum, but anyways… maybe just the quick answer for now? =)

Put the reverb on a send…reverb to 100%wet…send all the drums there…maybe a tiny amount of the kick and a little more for the snare…should do the trick :walkman:

edit; if my advice is not clear, you just want to create some ambience, not full blown reverb…just enough to make a difference…if possible use a decent vst for it(free ones will do the job)

or, combine the native reverb, with the delay, and maybe the chorus…automate some parameters…the final result must be kept at a relatively low level of course…all those fx will mimick a better reverb if done right :)