New Song "the Last Ninja Legends"

16 Minutes - Last Ninja Remix - Made with Renoise 1.5 RC2 in Feb 2005 - Have Fun! - Greetings to Ben Daglish! :)

link please :)

Goto Songs/Electronic/Dance :)

Nice! I’ll add it to some time in the future if that’s ok with you. :ph34r:

Thx. Sure no Problem. Its free for all. :)

It’s a cool tune, no question about it(I’m a SID addict).

Just curious, what VSTi/VST did you use to compose the song.
Was any external gear used(ie. midi sequencing)?.

I just tracked the song in renoise with some effects. No VSTi/VST used in Renoise. After this i used Wavelab to get a bit more quality. :)


Care to share the *.rns file ;)
If the file isn’t too big i guess it could be included with renoise when it leaves rc-stage.
The supplied demo-tracks don’t do renoise justice…

At the moment i dont give out the *.rns-file (5.29mb). Maybe later… ;)