New Song, What Do You Think?

Made in Renoise 2.8

Please tell me what you think about it :walkman:

Here you have it:

Any questions? :rolleyes:

Have a good weekend!

It’s good stuff, I enjoyed it :)

Nice, fun to hear ;)

Reminds me of Röyksopp which is obviously a good thing. There seems to be something funky going on with the rhythms starting at 1:40. Maybe a loop that doesn’t fit with the groove? But overall an enjoyable track. :)

There’s definitely something funky going on there. But one could argue if it’s for the worse or good. It made it a bit more demanding to listen to, but then again, a lot more interesting as well :)

Speaking of that part, I think the lead synth is a bit loud, something is drowning in the sound picture. I would consider adjusting the volume slightly and maybe panning it a little. But this is up to you =)

Other than that, great work!

I agree with all of you :rolleyes:

The lead synth is too loud. :panic:

And i acually like the funky, like MrMaen says, it maybe makes it interessting :smashed:

Thank you ;)