new song..

It’s called “ghostworld”, and the genre, mmh, it has several drum&bass samples so I put it into that category.
I still have to work on the ending…

I appreciate ANY kind of comment! :rolleyes:


Very very nicely done. Your technique seems flawless, and you have really gotten a balanced sound. I liked this tune, not crazy about the guitar part, but still…

Keep it up!


Nice track!! -------------

I love your sound (I would like to have ALL your samples :) )… it’s a very… ehm… I don’t know how to define it… a very intriguing sound, even if I prefer “song 2” ( I’m waiting for a new version with vocals…)------------

:drummer: Well done!! :drummer:

Hey, I´m just downloading your new song, can hardly wait…I loved the music you did called “song2” downloaded it at work but now its removed so I can´t download it from home…Thats just to bad :( Hope you will put it up again soon :)


Well, thank you guys! Nice to hear someone likes my music :D
And I’m happy that this forum exists… never showed my music to other musicians before, and fríends never really seem to take it as seriously and just try to be polite… ;)
I can upload “song2” again after I made some changes.

Thanks again for the feedback