New Song

Hey people!

Added a new song to the song-section today. It features my cousin (starring as my mom) and me as a 11 year old boy with mental problems.

It’s called Lille Thomas, which means Little Thomas.

Started it thursday, finished it friday… LATE friday, 4 am :blink:

Used Rainbow2 and Triangle ll.

Hope you like it!

Any comments and/or tips for improvement will be very much appreciated


EDIT: Sorry about the poor quality of the voice-samples. i REALLY need to get a better mic. :unsure:

Lille Thomas <----Right click, save as

Dufey: I’d like to know what the lyrics are about------------

The first two sentences seem to be in italian… I don’t know… ;)

Nice song, btw… :D Sometimes vocals are a little out of tune, don’t them??-----

:drummer: see you :drummer:

Mekkah: It’s norwegian!

A language not used often enough in music… Eller kva, felles Oslo-beboeren Dufey? :)

Knakandes låt, bra produsert, morsom tekst men sangprestasjonen var… eh… Ikkje akkurat idol-materiale… hehe… Men et par takes til hadde nok hjulpet!


Damn, didn’t see the reply to this one :lol:

Thanks alot for your feedback, Mekkah! Uhm, yeah I think I should’ve done some more “Takes”… wish I could’ve blamed the cheap microphone for my bad vocal prestation, but I have to admit I did mess up a bit hehe :rolleyes:

Sagosen: Thanks for your comments too! Yup, I suppose I need to take some singing lessons… :yeah: Or maybe I should start writing some raplyrics :ph34r:

Might just do those vocals again then… Unless you were talking about my cousin :P But i doubt it…


Hehe, I thought everyone listened to “Jokke og Valentinerne” :) :lol:

Hm, although Dina - Bli Hos Meg isn’t quite kjempebra either…

Diaz! B)