New Song

Just added a new song on the Song-page.

Ohhhh well it’s remix of a song which my big brother made (guess '95 -'96) with an oldskool miditracker :). This thingie is also a tribute to him, 'coz he is responsible for that I’m bothering the people with my music now :P .

(Sadly my brother has stopped tracking Sniff! :( )

Of course I also like to have some comments to it. So tell me what do you think :)

direct link to the song added by It-Alien
plese add a direct link to your song when posting a new song announcement.

Some part of song makes me think to Robert Mile’s style… :)

Nice track (as always) I think you deserve to win the beatbattle (togheter with LFO), but this is another story…

--------------------------- :rolleyes:

:drummer: see you :drummer:

and now tell me which part let you think of Mr. Miles :blink: :)

cool, this is nice to hear. This track is unusual for me anyway because it was kinda oneshot (spended 1 day and 1 night into it) :ph34r:

mhhh… so much for anonymous entrys and votes ;) but hey! Also nice to hear, thank you very much :)

Entries are not (all) anonymous… You (like me…) made the mistake to put your name in the author’s field, in “song properties”… :) :)

There’s a small part in the middle of the song, and then another piece of Mr Miles’ style near the end… They remind me his piano lines… I don’t know :blink:

Aww :) Also typed my name in the textbox. Celsius removed it I guess but he seems to forgot the songproperties (of nearly all songs) :P
mkay, well I dunno what´s all about those anonym entrys. Don´t see a sense init. Maybe because I missed BB2 :rolleyes: (I think there was also nothing in the rules :unsure:)

About Robert Miles… ohh, I´m still curious :blink: :) Can´t hear any relation though :ph34r:

nice song :), i prefer this much more than your previous song.
there is a “logic” behind it, if i can say that.

the warm string and the nice piano sounds make you want to listen more,
then the beat starts and it’s niiiiiiiiiiiiice, for my taste it lacks a line of electronic bass or something like that, you know the owin owin noise :).

keep it up, it’s getting better.

thanks :)

hmmmph, well logic and hooks are normally not in my standard-repotoire but as you mentioned it´s really getting better with every module :)