New Song

This is my song that I dedicate to our Holy Father in Rome. It’s called Ode to John Paul II and is located @


Please tell me first, before I post any real comments… Are you serious about this?

I’ve always been a fan a short little songs…like the type that make me say “Wow, I like what just happened” So now I get to practice making them myself. :lol: Thank you for your feedback.

I can dig short tracks.
I don’t dig this one.
Probably because it is about “your” holy father… which is certainly not mine.
My fault, probably.

Didn’t find this enjoyable at all myself, the piano & the synth sounded too cheap to even be humorous, sorry mate.

Now where did i leave these st-00 disks…

Hey now, nothing to be sorry about genuine honesty. The piano I found in Plugsound Free which is a freeversion of plugsound…I found this by searching at KVRaudio…It fooled my ears as my piano sounds before didn’t sound as this one maybe. The horny string synth I selected in a Korg Wavestation vsti which to me most of the presets sound awesome. Hm…How would I go about “warming” up my sounds that I have instead of being worried about what I don’t have? I mean in future songs like this, I do want to suggest pianos and synths, but I’m poor and have to use free vsti’s until I have extra cash to spend. Any suggestions?

I’m sorry i worded the post that way if it made you feel that way. I have to remember these things. Thank you for sharing your feelings.

Hey, at least we’re all caring and conciderate! :D

If you want some GOOD material, why not just rip and steal samples from released open source modules lying around, like rns-files? Just credit where you get them from if you feel the need.

Oh, and sampletank has a great free vst just waiting for you.

Awesome, yeah I guess I should get in the habit of downloading rns files when I see them posted. Now that you mention them, I think I’ve held a predujice against them for not being able to contain vst(i)s within them. Which I’m comming to find out by reading this forum that it shouldn’t matter as long as you know how to produce properly with soundbytes. So I’ll start looking around. Thanks for telling me aobut sampletank, I’ll google that and see what comes up. cheers

i love ur attitude robot :P And keep up them short songs, but leave the pope alone!


I don’t exactly understand what you mean with “soundbytes”… but…
RNS does not save the VSTi itself… it just “look” for the plugin in your VST dir…
As a matter of fact, you sometimes find certain songs packed toghether with some VSTi for you to install before correctly listening to the song.
One way you have to turn around the problem (and it’s a very usefull option when your song starts to grow cpu-hungry) is the “Render to sample”.
You select (on pattern) a long, single note of the sound you like… and select this “Render to Sample” option from the right mouse button menu. Renoise will sample and store the selection inside of a new instrument u can save/use/modify so that you don’t have further needs of including the VSTi in the song.