New Song

this is something fun (well at least i think) that i put together recently.

check it out on my virb page

pointers and mix techniques are greatly appreciated, and encouraged. :)

it might be my cheap speakers but it sounds like this could use more lows; bass. I like the pads in the background and the ambient break just after the middle of the track before it picks up again. The focus sound might be too much for me, kind of reminds me of someone saying "ribbit ribbit (something something) into a crazy ass vocoder. for the most part this is an interesting track as I’m a dNb fan.

lol i may actually give that ago. lol :yeah:
(or maybe i should put that talkbox i made a while back to good use)

thank you for the feedback. i can see how there may not be enough bass i have crap speakers also ;)

i added a sub in to fill it out a little more but just under the bass.
can anyone with good monitors tell me how the sub sits with the bass and if the kicks punch through at all

there was some volume weirdness going on in the song so i re-uped it and pumped it a little louder.

again all help would be great.
im finally starting to take music production a little more seriously and it would really help me for tunes in the future.

Highs are too strong, lows and mids are too weak. You need to balance the track a bit more. Turn down your subwoofa while mixing. :)

Also the snare melts in with cymbals, you might push the HPF on breaks down a notch.

Also make sure your sub-bass is in the range of actual human hearing, currently it is just barely on the limit. :)