New Sonic Arts Freestyle (anyone using it?)

Title says it all. I’m looking at New Sonic Arts Freestyle, having bought Granite and really liking the overall design, sound, and UI. Freestyle appears to be pretty nifty and I am curious if anyone that really jives with Renoise also enjoys Freestyle. Comments, critiques, etc. I am especially interested if there is any native recording options or if there is an easy third-party option for recording performances. The ability to “Freeze to Nuance” seems very promising. I love Renoise’s plugin grabbing capabilities and this seems like it might be a good complement when dealing with more involved setups (multiple VSTi and VST FX setups).

I think Freestyle could be a useful tool in my toolbox for various projects, just looking for any user input before I pull the trigger on the cross grade (as I already bought granite).