New stuff WIP

Really just experimenting at this stage but hopefully have some complete material soon :)
Any good or bad thoughts please.

It sounds very interesting. Keep it up. :walkman:

That was pretty damn great. Now make it longer!

I like it.

Really cool! Definitely want to hear more of this.

Definitely Dub-Steppy. Sounds pretty pro, but would like to hear some development in the track. I’m curious if it is a loop sample or made from scratch beat.

Cheers, it’s actually far from dubstep in the sense that it contains neurofunk bass with drums that has a hiphop groove.
The style has kinda defined itself as neurohop which is gaining some popularity as of recently.
Everything is built from scratch - I build these bass sounds from pure saw waves and the real work happens in how i process it.
Next step is to finish the dam thing lol

Some more WIP… this is what i also like to write other than the big attitude neurohop stuff :)

This is proof that I learn something new everyday. Interested to hear what you do with this nice beat.

Definitely caught my interest. Keep us posted!

I am of the same opinion :walkman: