New Synthesis

New Synthesis?!

I found out there’s a possibility to create samples on layering bytes in a simple manner.
I’ve searched the internet for ages and didn’t find anyone who did the same yet. Maybe you already did?!

It is a kind of merging different waveforms. This is possible using existing samples or by creating new samples.
And the calculation occurs very fast.

If someone listened to all of those samples were done in the computer (1996).
All of them were calculated special formulas I’ve designed myself.

I’ve designed a specification now to do this and the interesting point is, you might use samples you’ve already got to give them a new special character.
By using an amount of certain parameter the original samples might still be somewhat heard in there, but it’s also possible to merge them into completely new sounds.

When I’m done I will post the first sound examples.

The output is always a raw sample or a wav sample.

I’ve also successful created a renoise tool base and even a vst outta this.
I guess I will provide the tool here.

Happy synthesizing!

More to come soon…

Hey, I’ve invented a new synthesis too! I’ve designed a Reaktor patch and a video showing how it works! Renoise tool is not planned though…


My first results are here:

1st one: This is an initial sound that was created by merging two samples in a special manner.
2nd one: The second sample was reversed while using same merging as in 1st.
3rt one: This is two difficult to explain. But I like that sound.
4th one: Also not to easy to describe what was done, but easy to achieve.


P.S.: Click on the soundcloud link to listen to all 4 examples.

Here you got a screenshot of the very first idea of the tool I started,
it works! And it’s definitively a new way of creating sounds I claim.
As long as some one might proove, that exactly this is already there I will keep on claiming. :slight_smile:
Maybe it’s no longer new than, but I’m still happy that I found out.

Here it is:

that vid by zed sounds a bit like pulsar synthesis to me

Pulsar synthesis is based on grain modulation by impulse generator. High modulating frequencies gives similarity to QM. But QM is way more simple.