New Tech House Track

Here is another tech house track I did with renoise. I used to tinker with Reason quite a bit for several years. Although I discovered renoise several years ago and tinkered with it a couple times, I started using it exclusively since late last year. I really think renoise is the most straight forward and logical sequencer I have used. Every function and feature just makes sense, and I am always discovering something new. This track used samples I found on the internet and all effects used are native to renoise. I may have exhausted my techno/house itch for a month or so. Maybe something more off the wall for my next project! Anyway…hope you enjoy the beat.

This is really good. I like what you did with the samples, and the mix was nice’n tight :slight_smile:


Realy deep, i like beat it is nice and delicate and it got its own flow.