New Themes Not Showing In Disk Browser

I’ve downloaded a couple of v1.9 themes from the forums, copied the files to the /Themes directory, but they don’t show up in the disk browser when I go to select them. I’ve changed the permissions on the xml file to match the (working) themes already in the directory, but they still don’t show up.

Any ideas? I’m fully aware I may have made a mistake and this may not be a bug!


Into which themes folder do you have installed them? When running the script, not the local installer folders will be used/shown by default, but the /usr/local/share/renoise-1.9.1/Themes folder.

This or that way, you dont have to install your themes. Simply save them anywhere, navigate the diskbrowser to that anywhere and load them. Once a theme is loaded it will be stored in the preferences.

Plus 1 idiot point to me, sorry for wasting your time… I was running it from a directory in my /home directory, but I still have older versions in other directories. I’d copied the .xml to the newest version, then navigated to the /themes folder of an older version and wondered why it wasn’t there.

Oh well, it was late and I was tired!