New Timing In Renoise

Ok, I saw the good news, the BPM will be more compatible… great!

I wonder about this:
“There are 5 speed-settings that will have your manual configured bpm rate matching the real bpm rate: 1, 2, 3, 6 and 12.”

I usually work at speed 4 and double BPM for resolution. Should I switch to some other speed for my future songs if I want to have a compatible BPM?

I use 4 also because it’s easy to make triplets ecc. With a selectable resolution/quantize that shouldn’t matter, tho. Those are on their way, right?

Anyway you don’t have to reveal too much, I can wait. But if you do give us some hints I won’t mind, especially if there are some tricks to avoid later incompatibility/adaptations.

Another one: will there be a way to work with non-full numbered BPMs, like: 99.5, 74.23? I’d like that.

I would cope fine if there were 2 values:

  1. BPM
  2. Number of tracker rows per beat. (usually 2,4,8,16. However a multiple of 3/6/9 would be interesting for swing)

That would be simple, understandable. The more rows per beat, the higher the resolution.

Thinking in BPM is the way to go - I really applaud this idea!

Well, manually using such bpm values:no and probably won’t come either as nowadays most do not desire such rates.
If you desire to have a full float bpm rate, just use a speed-setting that wouldn’t create an exact bpm value.

And maybe Taktik might invent several algorithms to also get tight bpms on the other speed-ratios. I don’t know if this is exactly workable (would the speed-difference between a speed 3 and 4 be different enough to have a fair rate and not come too close to speed of 3 or 5?), but it probably isn’t impossible.

“I usually work at speed 4 and double BPM for resolution. Should I switch to some other speed for my future songs if I want to have a compatible BPM?”

I think if you only have one general bpm and speed setting configured for your song, it may only be just a matter of fumbling with the bpm ratio (if it goes too quick or too slow). If you have lots of bpm / speed changes within the song through effect commands that sound against your likings, you have probably some serious work to do, specially if lots of synchronised VST / MIDI devices are involved.
If you have no synchronised VST / MIDI devices involved, i wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Yes, this is really great news!!! :)

So, is there by any chance a planned release-date for the next version? (Stupid question, I know…)

Not crucial, but sure useful, IMHO.

I know it would definitely be nice when doing remixes. You might have songs made from other hosts that have a BPM of, like 91.5. And if you want to make a remix you’d have to set the BPM in Renoise to 91.5 as well.

good news!

im assuming that there isnt any estimated beta date for now, right?

I do it with speed 3 ;)

Is the better-resolution-feature then the next step?


@the Guest.




I wonder what this change actually looks like “under the hood”, and why it prohibits other speed settings from exhibiting the same “fixed” behavior?

Taktik or any of the devs…can I have a short explanation?

I’m just curious. :stuck_out_tongue:


wazzzup renoise team? :blink:

I realize this Bantai. However, under the hood, how has the output BPM been “optimized”? Was the duration of the infamous ‘tick’ adjusted?

errr… just kidding, nevermind.