New to Renoise (and electronic music)

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased renoise, and I have to say, it makes waaay more sense than all of the other DAWs I’ve attempted to learn recently. I never heard about it until just a few days ago when I was looking for something to get started making electronic music. Everything I looked at (Ableton, Reason) seemed more complex than I was prepared to handle, but Renoise hits the spot between being easy to understand and complete enough that I can reasonably make good tunes.

Anyway, I’ve made my first beat, and I think it’s pretty cool. It’s obviously not completed, but it’s far enough along now that I can share it without being embarrassed. I started it Sunday morning after going through the tutorial videos and downloading some samples online.


Please tell me what you think, and could someone tell me roughly what genre whatever it is I just made is in? I don’t know much about electronic music, so I just made whatever sounds good.

Glad to be a part of the community!

Well done! It sounds great, especially considering it’s one of your first electronic tracks. I like the bass sounds, the glitch sounds, and the interesting outro.

I would probably classify it as Industrial, considering the bass line, the occasional glitch sounds, and the use of samples. It reminds me of Skinny Puppy, or Sneaker Pimps maybe?

When starting out it is easy to overload a track with elements or to not know what to add and keep things too sparse. You avoid these two extremes.

Some suggestions off the top of my head:

Consider using a high pass filter at a low frequency to roll off some of the low-frequency rumble on the noise in the intro. It’s kind of loud but indistinctly so.

Consider adding a section in the middle as an interlude or perhaps add a melody element somewhere in the middle. Just an idea, it might detract from the groove.

Great work, and keep making tracks!

Interesting. I never thought about it as an industrial type thing. I was thinking more Depeche Mode, honestly. I originally had a wobble bass in there, because that was the first tutorial I saw on youtube, but it sounded like crap. The automation track is still there though, and it was the wobble bass rhythm that inspired to create some of the kick/snare rhythm, so I might still find a use for the automation elsewhere.

That’s one thing I was worried about. In my headphones, the low lows are way heavy. I’ll definitely look into a HPF there.

My plan is to repeat the main groove and add more complexity to the snare rhythm. I always intended there to be a lead. Both bass line started as lead lines, so…

Thanks for the feedback! This is fun.

Nice work! I would label this as old-school elektro funk. Early breakdancing music! :) I liked it alot.
Keep it up dude!

Whoa. I never even would have thought of that. Any suggested listening?

Roger Troutman of “Zapp and Roger” was the first that came to my mind, but there are tons of music from that era that fits the bill. ;)

Wow. Such chest hair.

Superman is dope. A touch too much vocoder, but that beat is sick.

Man as a fellow new user I’m really impressed. Keep it up man I’m gonna follow you on SC. :D

Thank you!